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I am Singaporean – II: Faster Talk Before HKK November 16, 2006

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

So ah…i heard that our Government is ready to tighten Internet laws…

Everything also wanna tighten. Maybe before that they should tighten the screws in their heads.

What ‘open society’ are we talking about? Where is this openness? The call goes out to attract more fallen foreign talent to Singapore and freedom of expression, a particular aspect of an open society, and also a particular aspect which is defended by the law in other countries, continues to be repressed.

Why? This is maybe another reason for me not to swell up in pride and say ‘I am Singaporean.’ Why?

So far, the Singaporean governmental system, which is probably one of benevolent despotism, has worked. On both sides of the term. True, the government can be despotic at times. But then again, because the government takes care of us, (not ‘take care’ in that sense lar…’take care’ as in ‘give a fuck’) we’re happy to sit on our bellies and enjoy the good life we have. Wait a second…GOOD life? Okay, okay. The life which keeps food in our bellies and which keeps the electric lights running. But then again, so many things have happened in the past few years (or maybe i became old enough to recognise it in the works) that the despotism part of the whole term comes out in the clear.

Let’s take a look…

  1. For one, the Singaporean political system has an element of monarchism. Monarchism in that power is passed down from father to son. I wonder if it’ll go to grandson however. I heard one is good, if adeline is right. The one i know isn’t.
  2. Measures like tightening laws, making groups of 4 require a police permit to meet (wah lan…next time eat bak chor mee at night also must go to police post to lim kopi already) and well…using this permit thing as a prophylatic to crime – isn’t it absurd?! Excuse me while i laugh my head off. SERIOUSLY. Why on Earth would the Government suspect us to be up to no good?! I thought the saying went, ‘人之初 性本善’ okay okay maybe we’re all psychopaths deep down. I mean, you can’t trust me enough, but you trust us with your votes?! Jeez.
  3. Brain-washing. There actually was a point of time when i believed that multi-racialism, multi-ethnicity and tolerating your neighbours actually WAS something unique. Lately, however, because of the increase in people being charged under the Sedition Act, or for criticising some governmental organisation (either directly or indirectly) that i started to see it as a cover for whatever the government wants to implement. Tightening the Internet laws on whatever we blog/podcast/youtube/whatever has been justified, forazumper, by ‘curbing socially disturbing discourse’ or ‘protecting the unique multi-ethnicity of our country,’ yadda. It’s beginning not to make sense anymore. If you really want to arrest tons of people for making seditious remarks, just go to any SAF camp and install listening bugs. You can arrest an entire battalion if you wish. This over-emphasis on multi-ethnicity is well…going overboard. We know. We live side-by-side. I’m not going to beat up a Malay dude because i don’t like his face/skin colour/race/religion. Nor am i going to expect that he is going to beat me up. GET THAT CLEAR.
  4. The use of two very heavy words: defamation suit. Far Eastern Economic Review has been sued by Lee Senior and Lee Junior for guess what? Defamatory remarks again. It’s just a reminder that our political leaders are superheroes, and if you spit at them, they will use their superpowers to get fix you. The thing is that the judicial system, instead of acting as a check/balance to the government (i.e. being independent) probably is very much working with the government. I wonder why FEER dismissed claims that the issue be decided in an international court of law. Because the plaintiffs would lose? No, seriously, i wonder why.

Wah piang…with the proposed tightening of laws ah…better faster talk! Wait HKK then you know…

Erratum: Apologies. FEER didn’t dismiss the claims. The local courts did.



1. nedstark - November 16, 2006

According to one blogger, its more akin to LEGALISM. Its this method of governance during the good ole days of Qin Shi Huang, who essentially murdered those scholars who spoke up and burnt all the books.

2. guojun - November 16, 2006

oh, dear…will i be murdered too? maybe my books will be burnt also….hai….aristocratic barbarism

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