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Everything Also Must Campaign lah… October 31, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So now in Singapore there’s this ‘flag the bus earlier’ campaign so that passengers will stop missing the bus and then subsequently bitching to SBS or SMRT or whoever is operating them now. Well, according to a ‘study’ carried out by some bus operators, that’s the main cause why the passengers miss the bus.

So…it’s YOUR fault okay? It’s not because the bus driver was short-sighted/leering at a hot chick/simply bo ka lan…it’s YOUR fault that you didn’t flag the bus earlier. So shut your mouths and stop complaining.

Interestingly, i wonder why campaigning is so hot when the themes are about useless things like flagging the bus early, or eradicating Singlish. Why don’t people actually campaign about something which is MEANINGFUL? Like, for example, cutting down tuition fees in the university because if you make it to university you are already THERE so stop milking everyone and making them take out astronomical bank loans just so that they can study. (You can, of course, continue charging rich folks, whose dads are MPs can afford to get them a BMW for their birthdays.)

Or how about campaigning for more tolerance? A reason why there are so many Internet fiascos is because there.is.no.tolerance. None whatsoever. Let’s put it this way… Élite girl cannot tolerate the complaints of an old and undermotivated plebian. Élite girl complains right back. The ‘plebians’ rise to the cause and attack her viciously. Élite girl hides behind daddy who will not tolerate anyone attacking the apple of his eye. Uproar increases. Élite family apologises. Why must it be like that? Firstly, campaigning for more tolerance works both ways…i mean, this is a problem amongst the higher classes – namely, intolerance of the middle- and lower-class. Eh, just because they work longer hours means they’re worse meh? Just because they’re worried about their future doesn’t mean that you can laugh at them…and sneer and all that fuckshit.

Obviously working at MacDermid has done quite some good for my morals and my tolerance level.

Or we could campaign for something more meaningful, like for example, not being so wayang when important international organisations are hosting some conference in Singapore, or cutting down on paranoia. We could also campaign against the highly unfair policy of letting tourists enter the casino for free while we, Singaporeans must fork out 100 bucks for a day pass. Sounds illogical? Our citizens will waste away before the gambling table? Before you start calling me a scoundrel and all, take note that you CAN have a casino in your country and still keep moral degradation low. (I thought that was why they wanted to have IRs in the first place.)

Coming on to that, you could campaign for the government to start treating the people like working, thinking, MATURE adults…not like worker bees in a hive or like children. We’re educated, we’re bringing in the moolah for you…yes so please loosen the shackles around our necks/arms/legs/(insert extremity here.)

The thing is that despite all the angry comments on net forums and maybe mrbrown‘s webbie, no one is going to do anything. We’ve been taught from the start that activism is wrong and that it’ll bring our country down so that our friendly neighbours up North can come and give us 1 x jialat jialat…SO, the only campaigns are from the government, bla bla. I don’t think that the governmental campaigns change much…and well if the people want to change, then they ought to campaign for it themselves. If all, let’s have a campaign to stop wasting our money on their campaigns.

Some have called for MPs to set an example and take the public transport like the MRT. Let’s have a campaign for MPs to take public transport, a.k.a. a campaign for ultimate rush hour! jj says it’ll look like this…

Bo pian lah…please carry on.



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