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‘So, das war’s!’ October 27, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

What a week. Seriously.

It’s been 4 days of madness, running around, sitting in lecture theaters scribbling furiously at examination papers and then desperate hoping that everything will be all right. Let’s re-cap…

Monday was the Einstufungstest. It was also the first day in Germany that i woke up at 6:45 a.m. EVER! Come to think of it, i don’t recall waking up at 6:45 a.m. ever since THUNDER WARRIOR, when we had to get up at fucking 6 a.m. every morning for some unknown reason. Bah. Army daze days. Anyway, i went over to the Universität where there was just this HUGE gaggle of people, unknown faces (and of course a couple of familiar ones – glad to know i wasn´t the only Langzeitstudierende during the Einführungsseminar…)

So the Einstufungstest kicked off shortly after 8 a.m. and well…what can i say? It was pretty easy, but well, it’s just for Einstufung…like just to let the DaF faculty know your standard and decide whether or not you’re going to be granted entry to the DSH…so it wasn’t half bad. The Hörverstehen was so easy that krasimira and i were already chuckling at it secretly. So yeah…but there’s always that niggling voice which is telling you what could go wrong, y’know? Anyway, it ended at around noon (so that´s my first block of examinations) and we all went home to an evening of silent contemplation…shadow-boxing with the “What If’s?” in our heads.

Tuesday was well…a bit stressful la. I mean, all along i’ve believed that as long as the Einstufungstest went without a hitch (a mentality which changed drastically after the DSH) the DSH wouldn´t be a problem. When i was told at first that only what, 9 out of the 6o+ people at the Einstufung got the Zulassung to the DSH my heart skipped a few beats…so i hustled up to the DaF Fakultät where all the names were like just stuck on a door…and thankfully, my name was up there on the “Zugelassen zur DSH” list…WHEEEEEE! Then i went home (because it was so bloody rainy and cold) and mugged for my DSH some…and then i discovered that my Internetanschluß was blocked…by some retard…so yeah i was kinda pissed off because i couldn´t talk to xiaole and everyone to say that i got my entrance to the DSH and all. Sigh.

Wednesday was well…the WORST. I went to the Studierendenwerk in the morning to clear up the Internet problem (apparently i was given the wrong IP address. Sillies!) and then went to mug a bit more for the DSH. Yes, yes, if all of you suspected that i was a closet mugger, you are all correct. 2 million points for everyone.

Then the DSH. It must have been the most demoralising examination i have ever taken so far. And the longest. 4 hours, in fact, with a 15-minute break after the first 1,5 Stunden. So Leseverstehen and Grammatik weren’t the nightmare i’d imagined them to be. Instead, it was the Hörverstehen and the Textproduktion which were the killers. Let’s see…(no, no slow-motion reviews.) The Hörverstehen was horrible. Maybe i was tired, but somehow i wasn’t getting all the information i was supposed to get. The Textproduktion, however, was WORSE. It was already the very end of our torture exam and we had to what, write 2 Aufsätze in 1 hour?! WTF!

Actually, it’s because in the past, Leseverstehen, Hörverstehen, Textproduktion were just Teilprüfungen (i mean, that’s how we did it for the good ol’ ‘A’s.) So i was definitely not prepared to tackle ALL of them in one sitting. I mean…2 Aufsätze in 1 Stunde! That’s seriously crazy and it requires very masterful time management. You really have to know when aufhören seriously means AUFHÖREN, JETZT. Sigh.

The DSH has this effect of making you feel like you don’t know any German at all. I felt like a Deutschanalphabet after the whole shenanigan. So i wasn’t really looking forward to getting the results, and went for some alcohol therapy in the evening. Krasimira was pretty wasted too…after the exam, i mean. And considering that her German is better than mine…

Today….was THE DAY! I met Krasimira at 2 p.m. in front of the Mensa and we both went to get our results. You want to know what’s really AMAZING about it?

I passed. She didn’t. Like WTF already.

Still, i am relieved and soon i’ll officially be a student of the Universität Trier. I hope i haven’t missed too much in the Proseminare and the Übung…Immatrikulation am 31.Oktober!

What a week. I’m so gonna go out tomorrow and buy my coat, ogle at Handys and once my folks say ok, book my tickets to London for x’mas.



1. jj - October 27, 2006


2. taryn - October 31, 2006

ich gratuliere dir!

(hah! i don’t think i can pass the DSH like SOMEONE DID.)

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