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Scandalous Scandals. October 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Wah piang, didn’t know Singapore so happening these days lei!

Like the Haze potentially turning foreign talent off from coming to Singapore (yeah, yeah…so the citizens will starve to death because we’re not good enough.)

Or, for example, the IRs wanting to bring whale sharks to the IRs. (They can admit the MTV Jackass crew in too…i think seeing people trying to hump a whale shark would be a tourist attraction. But seriously. If it ain’t about money, what’s it about?)

Or, (and this is actually my main point) politicians are drawing flak again. Oh, did i mention that RJC is involved too? This only gets better, huh? And it has the words ‘ÉLITISM‘ splashed all over it in bright red paint. I mean, HELL YEAH. It JUST GETS BETTER HUH! Ok, ok, i see the confusion on everyone’s face now. Apparently, there’s this RJC girl, who’s the daughter of some MP (heh, heh) who accused a certain 35-year-old of being ‘old and undermotivated’ because he blogged about his worries about the employment market.

Okay, okay, let me rant (because i’m almost climbing the walls over my DSH results and she’s already shut her blog down anyhoo.) Well…just because YOU are from RJC doesn’t give you a right to judge people. Don’t you go around to kopitiams to eat? Do you see those uncles there eating and shake your head? Maybe you’ve even seen me and reuben eating bak chor mee before at some Yishun kopitiam. Yeah, yeah, we don’t have a future, we’re probably gonna end up behind bars for sitting near the smoking zone because we want to watch the Channel 8 drama. YOU are going to get a scholarship (you think you’ve torpedoed your chances, but COME ON, your dad’s a freaking MP. Go figure.) and stuff like that…you think you’re up to being young and overmotivated all the time? Sooner or later you’ll realise that life is well…a SNAFU. The good moments don’t last, and you’re constantly solving problems which crop up.

Actually, this entry isn’t fully directed at you…you know, when you’re 18 you tend to shoot your mouth off on something. It scares me, however, that someone with your mentality is going to become some big fuck in the future because pops was an MP…and it scares me too that your dad actually supported your views. And YES, if you’re going to whine, bitch, curse and swear and say that you got into trouble because of all this low-class plebians, then…you are probably more of a lowlife than i thought. (I was actually going to say ‘f*ck yourself’ or something like that, but it’s so crude. But DID I JUST SAY THAT! Sheesh.) If it’s one thing your dad did right in his apology, it’s telling you to learn from this. You don’t have the right to be élitist. Yes, gasps of horror, shock and revelation.

Just because you were brought up so doesn’t give you an excuse to. And yes, one more thing. Forget blogging if you have so much trash to talk…i mean, of course, us plebians could use some entertainment when the Straits Times carries headlines to the likes of ‘MP’s Daughter Sued under Discrimination Act.’ But i’m sure you don’t want to be sitting in the dock ready to cream your jeans. SO….use a diary! I mean, no one is going to read it (unless your house gets attacked by angry burglars seeking vengeance, that is.)

3 more hours to the DSH results…if i’m not too drunk tomorrow, i’ll blog about it. What a week!



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