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P65 Blog October 10, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So now the post-65 politicians have come up with their blog…here it is…


wow! whoo! celebrate! I think the ‘p’ in p65 doesn’t mean ‘post’…it means ‘political.’ Or how about ‘PAP?’ YEAH…that’ll show them. It seems that next Chingay they’re going to dance hip-hop! Like those niggas in the Hood maybe…maybe they’ll learn how to nigga-talk and stuff. *grin*

Sigh…we all know you’re trying to connect with the younger generation, which you have just discovered to be politically apathetic (please don’t blame us for not being interested…it’s not fully our fault) but all you have to do is, well…start wanting to make a change, not to keep things as they are.

So ist die Politik in Singapur.



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