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willst Du die Welt retten? October 6, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

‘We probably can’t save the world, we just give what we can to make it a better place, even if it’s for nothing in the end.’

Things here are starting to grate on my nerves. Today, i just found out that the DSH at Trier is known for being more difficult. That’s not so bad. What’s worse is the following:

Apparently all my subjects require everyone to apply for their seminars before the window of 22nd October, when my Einstufungstest and the DSH fall on the 23rd and 25th, respectively. That’s fucked up, because the universities should have talked to the Fachschaft Deutsch als Fremdsprache beforehand about this already! I mean, what, did you expect all overseas students to know about this and approach the Dozenten already? I had to go to the Akademisches Auslandsamt today to make some noise and i was told that i will have to talk to the individual Dozenten and plan a tentative timetable for whatever i want to take.

THAT is quite fucked up. Going to ask professors to reserve a place for me in the seminars when i’m not even immatrikuliert! What’s worse is probably how i’m scared about the DSH – i’m really scared that i’ll not make it through the Einstufungstest (your results have to be classified as Oberstufe -which means high-level) and not even make it to the DSH. And then everything will be for naught. Why like that?! I mean, the Dozenten here are said to be nice people and all – but i’m really worried for my DSH and stuff. Sigh. This just raised my fear factor for the DSH…i’m somewhere between scared and terrified now.

I really don’t want to make this all for nothing. I really don’t. I downloaded a demo paper for the paper at Trier and went through it – it’s do-able but i don’t know. Really. Sigh. And i don’t know what this is supposed to mean – does the DaF faculty think that the DSH is going to be so difficult that people aren’t going to make it anyway?! And all this preparation, without even knowing if i’ll get a place is getting me down. I’m so freaking fucking exasperated about it! Sigh.

So tomorrow is going to be a day for me to take down all the Sprechzeiten of the Fachstudienberater (forgive me if you don’t understand these terms – but i’m frustrated so let me rant) and go hunting next week. Looks like things aren’t as easy as i wished they would be…i really cannot, CANNOT afford to fail the Einstufungstest or the DSH. I really cannot.

So many hopes are pinned on me – my MOE friends, my family, my friends, and xiaole. And i have so much pinned on myself. I don’t want to waste anymore time. I’m very, very scared. I want to be like everyone, and actually start STUDYING proper. Sigh. (Ed: ‘studying’ means starting my Fachstudium, NOT steaming in language classes!)

Vom Durchfallen darf nicht mehr die Rede sein…close your eyes, and be scared. Be very, very scared.

I need a Bitburger.



1. taryn - October 8, 2006

hey, hang in there! like i said, ze europeans can be pretty fucked up sometimes. take it from someone who’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt and took a picture, AND framed it up. AND said tamade, fuck, knnccb and many other assorted hokkien vulgarities when back in singapore, i NEVER say them.

don’t let them beat you down! like one of my friends says, you have to fight back because we didn’t struggle for independence from these angmohs for nothing. i found that pretty funny.

thanks for your briefe you!

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