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Trier! October 3, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Hello all, from Trier.

It feels like i’ve been transported from Singapore to Wonderland (i’m not in Kansas anymore…)

What can i say? Despite the shitty thing about my camera getting stolen (you fucker you are going to burn in Hell…for maybe 200 eternities) but i must admit that when petra ewerhart mentioned that Trier was the most beautiful city in Germany, she’s probably right!

Okay, so it’s not as rustic as some of the countryside villages or what you can find in the Schwarzwald. But for a city, Trier is neither too big, nor too small, and there are beautiful Roman-age buildings all around the city…HOW COOL IZZAT aye?! Add to that the fact that Trier is a wine area (read: lots of good wine at rock-bottom prices) and that it has its own beer (bitte ein Bit, bitte) – what more can i complain about?!

Lots of stuff have happened. And i must say that i have managed not to get worked up once! I was sitting in this cybercafe when my specs broke and somehow i managed to find my way back to the Fußgängerzone to get it fixed. Heng ah…and well after even a week i think i know my way around Trier relatively well!

You would expect that i’d be horribly lonely. Apparently, it was a wise choice to take part in orientation…although most of the students are ERASMUS students, i’ve gotten to know people from all over Europe…the best part is that everyone speaks passable German. Of course, sometimes i do feel horribly lonely and stuff…sigh. I miss xiaole so bad sometimes. But…i have your gift baby and i kiss it every night. And she texts me so it’s not so bad.

Sigh. i have so much to write, but i don’t know where to begin. Haha. Wanna like…Trier erleben? Then send me an e-mail and show up in the city. You won’t be disappointed!



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