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Cause of Death: Boredom October 3, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Heute feiert Deutschland den Tag der deutschen Einheit.

So it’s National Day here, but instead of going out and revelling in all the pomp and circumstance (it is strangely muted here in Germany) i am seated at my table, blogging. I’m starting not to like public holidays…mainly because everyone stays in (also due to the magnificent weather, which has bequeathed us with a healthy measure of rain) and because now i’m all by myself, cold, lonely and bored.

Maybe i’ll hop next door and borrow my neighbour’s vacuum cleaner. Get some housework done.

The weather is so dreary that i’ve given up on cooking lunch today because it’s such a hassle…so i’m settling with lunch/dinner at 4…i’m pretty much done studying too. Sigh. It kinda sucks yeah because i mean today i’ve already done a record 6 chapters of Russell’s History of Western Philosophy and i don’t think there’ll be a lot more entering this cramped space known as my brain cavity.

Sigh. Where are you, girlfriend? I love you and miss you so much i could cry. Kah Yee says i should go run. How to run when it’s raining…haha…it’s depressing. GAAAAHH I need to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING done. I feel so restless. And there’s no one on MSN to talk to. That’s depressing.

Maybe the only thing keeping me from slipping into depression is the salmon-oil pills i pop daily. If you read Men’s Health, which xiaole feels is a bit too educational for her, you’ll learn that Omega-3 acids are great against depression. Thank goodness for GNC, then. Thank goodness for Men’s Health, too.

I can’t wait to immatrikulieren and for uni to start proper. I need something to keep me occupied! Sigh. My windows are thrown wide open and there’s a cold, fresh breeze coming in. Refreshing, you may say, but the lack of life and companionship sometimes can be really, really depressing. I’m so lonely, it hurts. I’m so bored it sucks too. Maybe i’ll work on German later. I really can’t imagine what’s going to happen if i’m denied my Immatrikulation because of my DSH. I can’t live such a life for 1 more year. And well, when i finally have something to do, i’ll appreciate staying home more. Sigh.



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