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Disney Singapore?! September 25, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I was listening to the mrbrown show when i heard this one about Mickey Mouse coming to Singapore.

Did you read it and go, ‘what the fuck?!’

Because i did. So the Integrated Resort is really going integrated…i mean, now there’s even an integrated Disneyland! So you can imagine this scene…

reporter: ‘VR Man, now that you’ve saved the pretty girl and prevented world destruction, what’re you going to do?’

VR Man: ‘I’m going to Disneyland. The one at Marina lar…no money to go to the real one.’

Bring diana ser with you too, VR Man.

Why does the leadership deem it fit to import fallen foreign talent at such a large scale? It only shows one thing to the world…and that thing is…WE HAVE NO IDENTITY.

Indeed, you can try to eradicate all traces of Singlish from the spoken local language, maybe slap everyone who says lah, loh, lei, and the like with ten-buck fines, and maybe try to Americanise the uniform of the SAF further by giving officers collar tabs instead of epaulettes. You can also try to become this confluence of East and West, and to be a technology hub, science hub, educational hub, or even an entertainment (i mean, foreigners-only entertainment) hub. Sadly, it doesn’t serve the Singaporean image, because we never had one. Maybe the government is trying to make us into too many things at a time.

Perhaps foreigners will be able to describe Singapore with a long list of adjectives, but all in relation to another coutry. Singapore can be as enterprising as the United States, and yadda, but we’ll never be more than that. Can’t we just find one thing to associate Singapore with?

Why are they mothering us when they’re inviting the whole world to come in? Do we as a people lack the maturity of those outside? I’m sure you will find foreigners with chronic gambling problems at the IR. But well, all we have to do is probably smile and say ‘Welcome to Singapore!’

More importantly, what is Singapore?



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