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Thank Goodness for Good People September 17, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I went clubbing today! Well, not so much clubbing as nightlife-ing.

But that’s not the main point of today’s story.

I dropped my wallet in some taxi…naturally i was fucking myself for dropping it because i had all my documents like my I/C, my driving license, my ATM card and other shit like that inside. Luckily the girlfriend was around, acting as the voice of reason and also that of a cool focused mind. I called the taxi company and told them to send out a despatch to all cabs…

And THANK GOODNESS i got a call shortly thereafter…the taxi driver found my wallet and well drove from Clementi all the way back down to dbl O to pass me my wallet. Sigh….of course i paid him for the trip down…what’s important is that everything was intact. Sigh. I mean, Sigh of Relief. HAHAHAHA.

It was a bit late for the girlfriend to club caz she had to be home early. So we went to Acid Bar to chill and relax.

Acid Bar is GODLY. Just ask the girlfriend if you don’t believe me. She very gamely had a Waterfall…and then we just relaxed and listened to the singer belt out song after song after song, holding hands and mouthing words to each other.

I love you, dear. And the cabbie who drove back…well, for your help, you got a paid (OMGWTF the other taxi drivers must HATE you now) trip back into town, where all the fares are on Saturday nights. You lucky, lucky man. Lucky, lucky me too, because at least you didn’t gobble up my money or my cards. HAHAAHA

Yes, everyone should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky!



1. melvyn - September 17, 2006

why are you referring to your girlfriend as “the girlfriend”

sounds so off.

anyway, hope you’re doing good dude.. trust me you’re gonna miss singapore when you reach there.. it’s been 3 weeks for me, and i’m already missing home! (not that i’m not having fuckloads of fun in penn) 😀

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