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Don’t Use Steel Pipes, Use Paper Ones September 12, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I heard last night about Singapore’s ‘anti-terror’ preparations about the IMF meetings. And i was guffawing at the, well, absurdity of it all. What’s this about protesters being discouraged from bringing steel pipes, because they’ll be provided with paper/cardboard ones? I mean, come on. Cardboard pipes will still hurt people (i’ve worked at MacDermid. I know.) And for what it’s worth, Singapore is just becoming another word for ‘paranoia’…who knows, maybe after this IMF you’ll find the word ‘Singapore’ in the Oxford dictionary…

Singapore (n.) – paranoia. Also: singaporean (adj.) – paranoid.

But then again, that’s probably typical Asian hospitality to you. I mean, it probably involves closing off all access roads to Marina Centre, the barring of certain non-governmental organisations from entrance to Singapore, and regular repeated bomb drills, but yeah. that’s probably typical Asian hospitality to you. It also probably involves 4 million smiles, and a lot of wayang behind the scenes.

No, dear Foreign Delegates, this isn’t what Singapore really is. I mean, of course we’re normally clean and green and are a modern metropolis. But no, things aren’t really like that in Singapore…it’s just what the organisers want you to think what Singapore is. Of course, sans all the violence and protest marches, all the window-smashing and such. To that end, they’ve happily drafted a list of ‘Guests Not to Welcome this IMF.’ Not only are they not welcome, they’re banned, forcing them to make a trip to sunny Batam to well, soak up the Sun and the sea, i suppose. Maybe they’ll go home happier people.

Personally, this goes against whatever the country’s leadership wants for the country. You want to promote an international culture, with a more pluralistic, open society. So why are you banning organisations which have no criminal record, no history of violence from coming to Singapore anyway? Is there some secretive transaction of black money from one Swiss bank account to another? It’s not as if they will suddenly turn violent and attempt to oust the government…talk about eating your own words. Sheesh.

Sorry for being such a cynic man. HAHAHA…actually, i think i ate my own words too caz i believe that they should remove the Korean farmers caz they tend to be violent protestors? But, well, yeah. Remove the violent assholes. But what of the kindly good people who do want to protest but who fight their war with words?



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