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Wanting the Best (Expect the Worst) September 3, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

It’s like that everywhere. Everyone wants the best for themselves and for those they love. And the bad part about it is that what is the best from one view could very well be the worst from the other. Wanting the best for others is good, but sometimes it’s not what that person really wants.

I had a minor disagreement with her over her uni stuff today. I really wanted the best for her, but then for her, there’s the barrier that every person who picks up another language must face: will i make it? A language is not the easiest of things to learn – in fact, it’s one of the things which become increasingly difficult to pick up as one gets older. People, especially people on the street, usually stare and goggle if you’re talking on the phone and suddenly switch to another language. I think i’ll scare many people off if one day they heard me talking on the phone in pure German.

But maybe in doing this, in telling her what i really wished she would do, maybe i failed to respect her hopes and fears. Perhaps i should have stood by her and supported whatever choice she made, and to be just happy that she’s coming to Europe to even visit. And that she’ll try to make it every year. It’s not that i’m not willing to support her. But maybe sometimes i inadvertently give her pressure to do things which she wants to do…just that the amount of pressure here is inordinate.

Dear, i know the pressure i give you can be overwhelming at times. Es war alles lieb gemeint. I really DO wish the best for you, and knowing that this will be the last time both of us can make mistakes for free, i just wanted you to see the most and experience the most. I will have to be more understanding…

Sigh. Let’s do it again, class: SIGH.

A bit off-topic here: Have you applied for your Exit Permit today? Go Microsoft. Pah.

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