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Sword of Participation. September 2, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I was thinking…you know how all officers receive a sword amongst much pomp and circumstance yea? We in the SAF, we receive a pretty chromed sword with our names and a golden lion’s-head pommel, and a cheap mass-manufactured scabbard probably made of papier-mâche (i mean, pop‘s is made of steel. Bah.)

We love our swords, don’t we?

And i was talking to jj, which went roughly like this:

jj: my bro’s comms parade is this Sat. I’m tempted to have a swordfight with him.

Well done, jj. Wait…i’ll take a video of it with my handphone and send it to MINDEF…MWAHAHAHAHAHA….and then we were thinking about what we could do with our swords….

  1. Sell it on eBay! You should be able to sell it for quite a reasonable amount of moolah. Of course, not mountains of moolah, but still. Enough to buy you 100-150 packets of Hainanese chicken rice, depending on your marketing skills. Of course, you’ll have MINDEF and maybe SAFPU bearing down on you, breathing down your neck so i hope you’ve learned to camouflage yourself well in OCS.
  2. Keep it in mint condition. In 50 years’ time, the SAF will buy/beg you for the sword so that they can display it in some museum. In comparison to selling your sword on eBay, you’ll probably be able to buy a few thousand packets of Hainanese chicken rice. And what’s more, generations of Singaporeans will go to some museum and goggle at your name. YOUR NAME.
  3. Before you die, tell the guy making your headstone to mount the sword in your headstone. That way, your sword and your grave will become a modern-day King Arthur story, with millions around the world making their way to Singapore to pull out Excalibur so that he can rule the world. Of course, no Singaporeans, because they’ll have gone to the museum (see above)

Well done. I’ve also mentioned someone’s name 3 times. HAHAHAHAHAHA….Aren’t we the Officer Bastards from Hell…Lieucifers Wong & Hong, so to speak. WTF….




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