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SMS Happiness August 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Before i start, i should say…happy 21st, melvyn! I still love you even if you’ve gone away to the United States.

No, i wasn’t the one who slept on your pillow in camp.

And yeah we wanted to bring you to Desker Road…let the orh kwee tau give you a nice girl for your personal enjoyment…but ahh well. A dose of the clap is probably any guy’s idea of the birthday present from Hell, so…yes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN. Don’t smoke too much pot in the States. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Actually, it was pretty nice to catch up with everyone, considering all the 24 SA folks we talked to turned up – fats, forest, pornoman, johnny, yuru and people like dennis, kennard, jerry and huiren…okay lah. Of course, i had more trash to talk with my 24 SA people la…fuck man. I can’t believe we’ve ORD-ed…we still have so much shit to talk about. Sigh. I mean…a 24 SA gathering! Whoooooooo!

Okay, okay, i’ll admit it. I miss you all, you ugly fucks. HAHAHAHAHA

And i also received a message from her, which went to the effect of…

‘…hungry, tired, sleepy and missing you. How much worse can life get? …’

I don’t know why, but that message made my night. I was chuckling happily to myself for quite awhile.

I love you dear.



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