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Self-Bashing. August 10, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

WARNING: Parental Advisory. Coarse Language.

So i was chatting with the missus until 0330 this morning and i was thinking to myself…hmm so where the fuck is my phone anyway?!

Rummaging about in the house and the car later…i deduced that it wasn’t at home. That wasn’t so bad, i thought. Maybe i left it at the supper place. Until i called my number. And it was OFF. FUCKING OFF.

In Singapore, (or in anywhere else for that matter,) it probably means one thing: YOUR HANDPHONE IS FUCKING GONE. Gone. No more. Weg. Es ist eigentlich so, als ob ich noch nie dieses verschissenes Handy besitzt hätte.

So yeah. FUCK. Fuck me for being so careless, and fuck the fucker who took it. Say it once, and say it again. Sag es ohne Ende, und schrei es aus deinem Fenster laut.


What probably makes it worse is the fact that the missus, noting that my Handy is quite…heruntergekommen, got me a new cover and such. That doesn’t make it any easier…and i think i hate myself all the more for that.

I haven’t been chain-fagging over the past few hours, but i’d be lying if i said that i’m not missing those oxygen sticks, in a deep and profound manner. I’m just so fucking pissed off with myself! GAD DAMN IT! To think i was so pissed with myself that i raised my voice at the missus just now on the phone…okay so i was blaming myself and all but still it’s not very nice…considering i don’t raise my voice at people a lot.

I’m sorry, xiaole.

Now i’ll be on my camp phone. Don’t worry, i still have some of your numbers. But you can be a dear and send them to me under a comment or per MSN. That’ll be a godsend from you all…

And life goes on. It’s a cooling nice morning today but somehow i’m all hot and bothered (not in the sexual sense you horny fuckheads, if you think that way go and fuck a dog. JEEZ.)

Hopefully the Handys are cheap in Germany…



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