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About Youth August 10, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Isn’t it great to be young?

Ahh…the wondrous feeling of being 17-25. It’s like a golden age of sorts. It’s a pity that we squander spend most of this time in our country’s esteemed institutions, mugging our hairs grey, or turning our faces green in some Godforsaken jungle. I do think it’s a waste, because although the main purpose of education is to prepare ourselves for the working world, but then again, how much of your education do you actually put to practise? How many people are mugging away in university, knowing full and well that they probably won’t apply whatever they’ve learned?

Okay, well, maybe i mis-speak regarding the Army. The Army is rewarding. And you learn to work smart, which is probably a very important skill outside. Girls, y’all missed out man. Anyway, coming back…

I think that being young is also very much about having big dreams which seemingly can’t be touched…because being young also gives you a feeling of invulnerability. More on that later. However, i don’t know why the local culture is that pragmatic. Look at me. I probably have my secret hopes and dreams stashed away somewhere, but i mask them all behind a veil of cold, calculating pragmatism. That doesn’t mean that i’ve lost my dreams, but i know that here isn’t the place to show them. Local culture, effectively, just tells you that you have to work hard for whatever you want. I mean, that’s TRUE, of course…but in the meantime, we have to sacrifice our dreams just to slave away.

It’s called a ‘short-term sacrifice for a long-term goal,’ to use politically-correct lingo. But, how many of these great dreams are lost eventually? A great percentage, i must say. What happened to ‘i want to be so-and-so?’ Now it’s just ‘i have to work hard to pass the next examination.’ All the bright-eyed students, fresh from JC, turn into muggers, because that’s just what it’s like here. Mug or die. Do well or die. And all your parents’ prophecies about becoming a road-sweeper will come true, ye lazybones.

Just on the side, i watched the NUS Biz School advert again. This ang mor looks through letters from institutes like WHARTON BUSINESS SCHOOL and stuff and squeals, ‘Mommy! I’m going to Siiingapoorrrreeee!‘ I mean, what the fuck. We’re NOT there. We’re not up there with the biggies, if you must know, dear NUS. I wonder how many Singaporeans watched the advert and guffawed at it like me. Just as the missus says, NTU was bragging about achieving whatever Cambridge achieved (which took maybe several centuries) in just a few decades. YES. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE THE NAME SO STFU NOOBS! And it was during iPhO, when there were delegates from all over God’s green world here, most of them going to top institutes worldwide. So, you really could have saved some face by not being so thick-skinned.

I hope the remainder of my youth will be spent in a happy daze in Europe. I may not want to come back, but aiyah, serve lah. I’ll read the Classifieds later.

Lastly, youth is about that sense of invulnerability. It’s a time to make mistakes and to learn. You just have the feeling that no matter whatever happens, like crashing your car, picking up the fags, picking up the bottle, not studying for once, hitting someone in the gob, overspending, et cetera, you’ll just dust yourself off and walk away from it. You’ll still go to university, graduate, chiong, pick up girls, get married, have a career, and so on, and so forth. Make your mistakes and learn. You won’t have that sense of invulnerability once you step into the working world anymore.

And after all that NUS/NTU-bashing, i just wanna say, happy 41st, Singapore! Time for some changes yo.



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