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CPT Francis Goh How Hiap. August 9, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Hello, ex-boss. It seems you have many teenaged hearts beating for you!

Thinking back, it reminds me of just how much i miss my ex-boss, with all his endearing qualities. Like, for example…

  1. Screaming our names from his TA BC’s office.
  2. Threatening to SKIN US ALIVE.
  3. Telling us to HANG OURSELVES if we make stupid mistakes.
  4. Staying back in the office to watch the 7pm show on Channel 8. (I think it was 同心圆 but correct me if i’m wrong)
  5. Looking ready to turn green and burst out of his uniform.
  6. ‘Go and Run!’
  7. His one-word answers whenever we SMS/call him
  8. Sakae Sushi treat just days before he posted out.

YEAH. Anything i missed out, mel?



1. mel - August 9, 2006

faster than i could say francis goh, you have already posted an entry on the pic… hahaha.. but i wonder where’s jocelyn yeo.

2. guojun - August 9, 2006

come on…we’re efficient. =D jocelyn yeo? erm…could be one of those screaming HCJC girls in cognito. HAHA

3. jj - August 9, 2006

oh man. i missed him too. the girls hmmm… i remembered boss once bought friendship bands in thailand for his entire canoeing team.

1) i miss the big guy
2) i miss the big guy’s lunch treats
3) i miss the big guy’s lunch treats as a result of yizhi’s err… persuasion power.

Come back and Hang Us!!! haha

4. jj - August 9, 2006

oh and u missed out

9. ‘where’s mok?!’

5. The Truth - August 10, 2006

where’s mok????

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