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Dancing Without Tears in My Eyes. August 3, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

a.k.a. chionging without fags.

So last night i was at zouk going for Mambo/Ladies’ night. Went with my munchkin & Co., reuben & Co., and i even ran into kandy mak & friends. And i must say one thing:

It kinda sucks not to have your own chionging party when you go chiong.

I mean, thinking back to my Saturday nights at dbl O, mambo/retro is cool music caz it’s always been like my kinda stuff. Add to that a gang of testosterone-driven soldiers and command & control (in the form of CPT sim ‘i-chain-smoke’ siang ju, a.k.a. boss) and girls…that probably makes for some pretty crazy nights out there yo. And also add to that (almost) free-flow booze, and an endless supply of fags, and you’re almost there. The old routine of getting high enough to hit the dancefloor was really applicable then.

Couple that with music like Summer Rain, I Should be So Lucky, Forever Young, Don’t You Want Me Baby? and yadda, and i must say that that makes for quite a bloody havoc night! Think loud rowdy sing-a-longs (something which was present last night) and those silly retro moves! Anyway, i should stop digressing by gushing over my dbl O days, when this post is actually about yestiddy.

(Oh, by the way, the dry ice attacks rocked. Whoosh, and you’re feeling sub-zero again, yo.)

Anyway, last night was the first time i’ve chiong-ed without fags. It’s a strange feeling, not fagging during clubbing but oh well. The munchkin doesn’t want me to fag anymore, and i’m better off stopping. That doesn’t mean that i didn’t find myself profoundly missing them. Especially in the one-hour in-between time, when she was with her galfriends at Phuture (us guys weren’t allowed upstairs, maggoty maggots) and reuben disappeared into the throng. So i found myself alone on the dancefloor with the Grease Megamix booming in my ears, reminding me of some cheesy NJC mass dance we used to do. HAHAHAHA…how sad was that?! (i mean, i love retro, but when a song reminds you of something you did 4 years ago, you just tend to cringe. HAHAHA)

And that’s when i found kandy mak and gang. But also sian-sian, we just danced a bit and acquainted ourselves, before i went to grab my 2nd glass of fuel (in case you don’t know, i’m fuelled by ethanol on clubbing nights) which was a gin-and-tonic…strangely i couldn’t get high…must be the lack of catalyst…HAHAHA but oh well. More fuel will see to that.

The munchkin and her friends came down from Phuture after that because they wanted to celebrate a birthday amongst the merry crew. At that moment, reuben probably discovered that i’ve been wandering around like a lost soul for the past hour and appeared at the bar too…just as i was walking out to find them, drink in hand. And we got the lady something powderful…a Flaming Lamborghini…i wanted a Waterfall because it’s a lot more flashy, but ah, well, they don’t have it. I mean, WASSUP WITH THAT AYE. Haha. So….happy birthday, rou hui! (i hope i got your name right here.)

Apparently, munchkin & Co. can’t dance exactly very well to retro music…so they trooped off to Phuture again after kylie minogue’s I Should be So Lucky. Apparently also, i’m too havoc when i club. People think i’m possessed. Dang. Maybe liquors aren’t called spirits for nothing too. But anyway. I was dead sober. Wasn’t even high enough, even after the tequila shot. And then we somehow got ourselves into Phuture…and after a whiskey-on-the-rocks and a bourbon-coke (which made me sufficiently buzzed) we just went dancing until they played Where is the Love? to end the night.

And the rest…is private. Suffice to say i got home at 8 a.m. with eyes wide open and a treasure weighing about 50-something kilograms in my arms.

Zouk could improve its retro mix. No Summer Rain…no Dancing With Tears in My Eyes, no 99 Luftballons, no Never Gonna Give You Up, no Japanese Boy, aiyoh…not mambo enough sia! Okay…just exercising the Singaporean citizen’s right to grouse. I had a blast (after a hiatus from clubbing for about 4 months) so YEAH THANK YOU EVERYONE…let’s have one more before i fly off to Germany yo. This time, will someone please fill up my tank first before we start chionging proper?

Don’t forget…’F’ is for ‘finish‘… and ‘E’ is for ‘enough.’ Happy trails.



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