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Army Ranting. July 28, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

It comes back to me every once in a while, when i look at the SAF now and don’t know whether to guffaw at the maggots currently serving slaving or to swear that i’ll never come back for ICT ever.

Firstly, to all my ex-swift-and-precise friends, there was an activation. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank goodness we never got activated. Of course, we studied everything in that pink file marked ‘SECRET’ religiously but thankfully we were never recalled on some cool Saturday afternoon to sweat and prepare for deployment. And it’s the TPQ-37, fer Chrissakes. I’m a 36 commander so obviously i’m not a god on the other platform. Give me a 36 and send me to NZ anyday man. If you can promise me that, i would consider signing on. Haha…

Here’s a link for you all to check out…in case you want to know what prompted me to write that paragraph…


Secondly, reading the article, i came across a name which probably sounds like CPT mak chee bong. Erm…i mean, CPT mak chee bye. And i’m just asking myself WHY THE FUCK they wanted to interview him. They should have interviewed the WLR section commander, IMHO…i mean, so PGM gets scrambled…SO WHAT?! Anyway, knowing his personality, i personally doubt that PGM got scrambled…he just found some way to park his ass where it doesn’t belong. The typical attention slut, of course.

Poor marcus. I think you’re going to suffer in the States, mate. I have never thought highly of him…Another one in 24 SA who i salute because of the rank and not because i respect him. I mean, you’re a captain in the 24th fucking Battalion, Singapore fucking Artillery. It would do you well to actually learn and give a fuck about the other systems, because honestly speaking your precious little bauble isn’t going to be very useful. Precision guided munitions with a reach of 20 km? Please. The Navy have that capability with a reach of more than 100 nautical miles with Harpoon, and we don’t know if they have Tomahawk do we? You can load smart Rockeyes onto a F-16 and have them lugged all the way to KL for a random nuisance strike, if you get what i mean.

You really should go for BTACC. It’ll do you a world of good. And i mean active participation, like CPTs jason, sunim, and ryan. Not sitting around in a field chair, being the sidewalk superintendent you normally are, sir. And for sidling up to me asking me how long it takes to deploy my radar? Fer Chrissakes’, do your bloody homework. Everyone knows how you screwed the ARTHUR boys back in WALLABY. Thank God you didn’t go with us to NZ…if not TA would’ve treated you worse than we treated CO.

And thanks for trying to guide our trailer out during FATEP, sir. I think we would’ve done it better without your unnecessary guidance noise. Why don’t you just wrap yourself around CO? Maybe you’ll get your S3 posting sooner if you do that – i mean, talk about personal protection and being there for your boss, and all…i’m quite sure he’ll appreciate it, considering how almost everyone else is hostile to him.

Thirdly, THUNDER WARRIOR ’06 is the last NZ exercise ever. NZ is closed from now on. So…THANK GOODNESS WE WENT! I think G6 finally found out that too many big fucks were using THUNDER WARRIOR as a cover to go on a holiday spa in NZ. HAHAHAHAH!

Fourth, my boss isn’t, and never was, and never will be, LTC ng ‘hurry up and promote me again’ hock sing. They’re CPTs francis ‘go and run’ goh and sim ‘i chain smoke’ siang ju. Let’s club soon, boss…Dbl O retro night anyone?

Lastly, the SAF is going to be à la US ARMY soon…i mean, what the fuck is it with khaki name tags and a khaki ‘SINGAPORE’ tag?! And all the pretty formation badges and all? Eh…people upstairs, wake up your bloody collective ideas lar…I mean, sure, it looks good on parade. So many badges, and everything. But i threw my SINGAPORE tag away already. No way you’re going to make me put that on my uniform…and no, KHAKI is not tactical, you stupid turds. Not in a tropical jungle environment, which is where you project your wars to be fought.

And collar tab ranks for officers? Epaulettes please. Collar tabs on No. 4 is a seriously bad idea…do you know how many officers were shot in Vietnam because their collar tabs were spotted by Viet Cong snipers almost a mile away? I mean, if you issue me collar tabs, then please don’t expect me to wear them if we go into combat. Be smart, not a retard. What the freak.



1. Woon Choon - July 28, 2006

Ay, i like your style man. At least mak chee bong the piece of monkey crap is good for ONE thing…

for us to luff at.

Check this out:

err…nice potrait eh? hahahahaah

2. The Truth - July 28, 2006

HAHA what the fish…did you write that?!

3. Woon Choon - July 29, 2006

no la, i where got so free. besides, i only do fake blogs for frens (i.e. bobo)

it’s da real deal man, the mak-ster ranting on about his greatness. *shudder*

4. The Truth - July 29, 2006

hahahaha…bobo…when’s the next update? btw…that portrait is…ahem. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH….melvyn says hi. HAHAHAHAH and guess what he MSN-ed me…

‘WTF, mak cheebye has a website?!’


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