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II: ich will nur wissen… July 24, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I only want to know…

who you hang on to, so that you don’t fall.
if you’ll hold my hand so that you’ll never be lonely again.
if you’ll give in to temptation for the sake of your love.
if you can see beauty when everything falls apart.
if you’ll dare to be silly, for the sake of me and of us.
if you’ll spend a night with me alone, trusting me.
if you’ll dare to entrust all your heart to me.

if you can live with the failings of life, be they mine or yours,
without trying to hide or to not notice them;
if you can live with the happiness and blessings, mine or yours,
if you let the smallest of blessings fill you with ecstacy and joy;
if you can trust, when people trust you,
for the sake of your love and your dreams…
if you have ever fallen so deeply in love it hurt,
and if you believe in yourself when your world is torn asunder?

Lastly, i want to know if you can be by yourself, and feel safe in the emptiest voids of life and love.



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