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The Night Before. July 14, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So it’s 11:11 p.m. (i just glanced up at the clock and that’s the time – OMGWTF.) and i’m sitting around mashing away at my keyboard, recording down my pre-OBS thoughts.

I’m going to be seriously not missing someone. Okay, that’s obvious denial. I will be missing you, your constant updates (with the long silences included,) your late-night phone calls, and perhaps your presence, just as much as i’ll be missing my weekend!

O, Woe be to me.

But hey, at least we already got the MOE Outfield Choir set-up, which was decided by philibert and yours truly…let’s go and sing some Army songs and retro hits yo. I’ll dredge my mind for them…which shouldn’t be so difficult, considering how my iPod has been stuck in the ’80s for quite awhile.

Which reminds me that Earwax III is due soon. Will have to think about what to write…does ‘Retro Madness‘ sound good? Which also reminds me, coincidentally, that i haven’t clubbed in ages. AGES. EONS. The last time i stepped into a club must’ve been the Triassic Age…and what if Missing You by The Police gets stuck in my head?? Then my thought-processes will degenerate into a destructive cycle and i’ll sink into emo mood.

Shall not think negative thoughts. Shall not think negative thoughts.

Anyway, perhaps i am looking forward to this shit after all. I mean, we can be retarded all over again. And i kinda miss being retarded (think the retard-ness of these past few days multiplied by 10 at least) and such. And the climbing. Not the rowing, because i have a tendency to get sea-sick, but well it may change. I don’t know if i’m going to be wheezing like an old man. And i hope i can come out of this being cleaner than ever before, like squeaky-clean kind of clean.

Bah. I’ll be missing you. And y’all too, my dear Publikum. See you maggots on Tuesday!



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