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Fags Make You Stupid and Unlucky July 14, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Not only do fags make you stupid, breaking a hiatus also makes you unlucky. It’s a sign to stop.

I had 2 bad luck incidents today…(if you understand German,) the first was getting a traffic summons for a rule which i didn’t know existed. Well, so free parking turned into parking for seventy fucking bucks. I sure hope i don’t have to pay for that. I’ll be smarter the next time around…i’ll park further in. Blah. Obviously some policeman was having a crabby morning…and so, being controlled by the maggots (as melvyn would put it) he decided to book me. SEVENTY FUCKING DOLLARS. Okay, i shouldn’t bitch so much about it.

However, i think this is a strong warning not to drive. And no, i haven’t come to the fagging part yet.

It seems that because of my wheels, i’ve recently shelled out more than one grand in terms of repairs, reparations and now this traffic fine. It’s just my luck, i suppose. Maybe my car is cursed, or maybe i’m destined to come across angry hordes of i’m-pissed-off-today-so-shall-you-too kind of people. I mean, seriously. The hole in my bank account is becoming bigger and bigger. Soon it’ll be so big you’d be able to drive a main battle tank through it. I’m serious. I shit you not.

Secondly, i was at kelvin‘s place when i was playing with his size 1 football and…it smashed a glass vase of his. As of now, i already am of a different race in his maggoty eyes. (Don’t worry, you’ll always be a maggot in mine so yeah. Love for you too.) However, being the kind and forgiving understanding and nice person that he is, he let it go very graciously and we went on to work on his Army Experience podcast. It seems that i have a cameo appearance coming up…which i will definitely be advertising heavily (i don’t think i can do public appearances very well…thinking of the TSPC. I did think, however, that the commissioning parade was ultrafantabulous…pride lah pride.)

I’ll admit i was horribly stupid to play fake volleyball in his newly zhng-ed room. Sorry, maggot.

Anyway, i think the common denominator here was that i met a friend this afternoon, and we fagged some. However, we both felt horribly guilty and left the pack lying around somewhere. So yes, i’ve broken my hiatus. (fuckfuckfuck) I hope OBS will be the chance for a big change…come on, 4 days of glorious nothingness but team spirit, come-on-guys, climbing, kayaking, sun and salt. I don’t know what you think, but for me it’s a sign…it’s what you get if you don’t adhere to your aim or show a lack of willpower. Bad karma, i suppose.

And coincidentally, if you, the reader, have picked up half a pack of Dunhill Senses Flow, here’s some advice: Don’t go and bet on anything in a hurry. Finish your fags first.



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