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Reamonn – Alright. July 10, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

And here’s the song which i felt like bursting into tears the very first time i heard it.

wipe those tears away from your eyes
just take my hand – you don’t have to cry
it’ll be alright…
i’ll make it all right.

don’t let the world get you down
reach for the love that’s all around
it’ll be alright, baby…
i’ll make it all right.

i’ll pick you up when you’re feeling down
i’ll put your feet back on solid ground
i’ll pick you up and i’ll make you strong
i’ll make you feel like you still belong

‘coz it’s alright, it’s all right
let me make it all right, make it alright
stay with me tonight…

sometimes the words, yeah they’re just not enough
afraid of feelings, and in need of love
to make it all right, baby
i’ll make it all right.

where will you run to, and where will you hide?
i know the pain comes from deep down inside
it’ll be all right, baby,
we’ll make it all right…

And then it goes on into a lot of ‘all rights,’ comforting words whispered in the ears of the one you love, or those you care for, when things just seem ready to fall apart.

‘It’s all right. Stay with me tonight.’ I wish i could be there for you to tell it to you whenever you think of days long past, and when you face the questions of tomorrow. When tears seem to flow of their own accord, and you just become nothing more than a bystander, being personally there, but out of control.

I’ll make it all right. I don’t know how. But i’ll try.



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