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Das 3.Platz-Spiel abschaffen?! July 9, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I was reading the Straits Times this morning when i came across this article:

‘ST Panellists – Scrap the third place match.’

And my answer is, no fucking way, José.

Obviously you don’t understand what national pride is. You don’t understand the heartbreak in Germany. You don’t understand that many of these teams do it for national pride. And i’m sorry to burst your bubble, Singapore Sports Council, but there is no fucking chance in Hell that the Lions are going to the World Cup in 2010. Wait another century and get more fallen foreign talent (damn spelling errors) to play for us first, y’know, give them Singaporean passports, an attractive SPG wife and such already.

If WE ever got a 3rd place match, i think everyone here would be fevering over it. THAT is national pride. So what right do you fuckers have to suggest that the 3rd place match be done away with anyway?! It’s only a bad case of sour grapes brought up to the highest levels anyway…it’s exactly because we’re not going to make it to the World Cup (much less the 3rd placing match) for quite awhile that we can afford to lie back and say ‘oh, i think the losers’ bout isn’t important at all, share the love bronze medal lah…’

Ich halte immer noch zu Deutschland. And they are going to steamroll Portugal. (sorry, jacqueline. no hard feelings.) Just because it’s the losers’ bout doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. Go and wake up your collective fucking ideas. Jeez.



1. jac - July 10, 2006

gee >_> portugal still rawks alright? x)

umm, as long as there’s hope, miracles can happen. so yah.. maybe you should just believe in the Lions.

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