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Dumb Army Pictures: I July 8, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I was flipping through my old Army folders when i came across them. And then it came over me like a tidal wave. Whatever we might’ve said, and despite how un-Army-ish it sounds, i’m gonna say it.

I miss you fuckers.

Let’s see…

Here’s the view of Khatib Camp from melvyn and my love shack. Speaking of which…

p8100009.JPG melvyn.

Together, we inherited a lot of bad karma. We’re going to burn in Hell for what we did.

And that’s forest, a big sleep-O, ex-fellow fagger, and brother.

Here’s melvyn, before we had our little brokeback room. Sleep-O too.

wye hong, who left us in December. Those were the days of shitty bunks and shitty showers. But those were also the days of playing Bridge until 2am. HAHAHA.

This is yu ru, who was originally the sleepiest because he never booked out at night. And how we used to ask him about that girl. HAHAHAHA…and i think i won Bridge with a bid of…was it six hearts or something…GODLY.

Being the fuckers that we were, we tried to rouse fats one morning at 7 a.m. Failing that, we pegged his ass and snapped a picture.

Here’s a dog which came to share the coolness of the camouflage net in Thailand.

We even tried to print SAF postcards. ‘Missing you…from Thailand.’

More to come.



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