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The Richest President in the World June 27, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Pops has been going around announcing to the family that our President, Mister President S R Nathan, is the most well-paid president in the world, with a handsome annual salary of FUCKING 2.5 Million SGD!

So, dear taxpayers, you know where all your money has been going.

If you earn 2.5 million bucks a year, and you can be bothered to do some simple math (i mean, take out your gold-plated calculator, powered by the Intel Core Duo processor and a 60GB HDD, which you could dedicate to finding out the true value of pi already,) that amounts to 8 cents per second.

And that’s a stinking lot of moolah! If you earned 2.5 million per annum…

  • You’d earn $48 for taking a crap, and $96 if you have constipation (Hooray for constipation! Keep popping those iron pills yo.)
  • You’d earn $24-$36 for a fag break (yes! every fag break you go for earns you enough to buy 3 packs of them!!)
  • You’d earn $9.60 for making an average phone call of 2 minutes’ duration (and imagine those hour-long conversations with your partner, whispering sweet nothings – $288! Yes now you can afford calls to Mars, i believe.)
  • You earn $2,304 per day just sleeping (coincidentally, that’s a lot more than what most people earn a month.)

Anti-corruption practices? Pah.

Are you turning green with envy now, mister Bush?



1. mel - June 29, 2006

bush’s salary per se may not be as much, but the bush family has already been paid billions of dollars from the iraqi royals. 2.5 million a year wouldn’t come close to 1 billion even if you multiplied it by a 100 years. but the fact that the billions of dollars bush received isn’t commensurate with his ability as the president of the worlds most powerful nation makes the whole story even sadder.

2. The Truth - July 1, 2006

you see this? like fats used to say…

‘it’s going DOWN!’

haha. hello mel by the way. Saddam says the US is going to put him back into power. That’d be pretty bang balls HAHAHA

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