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Mein erster Autounfall! June 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Okay, so it's nothing to brag about. Vielleicht sollte ich sagen, dass ich Schweine hatte, weil ich keine Menschen überfahren habe. So i was driving along Clementi Road in a typical shower, following this lorry which was following another lorry…unfortunately the bugger most in front decided to jam brake and turn into King Albert Park, so the lorry in front of me had to jam brake, causing me to jam brake also…but the road was slippery and i was a tad too close so i buanged his ass…

Which meant that it was my fault.

Luckily his vehicle wasn't scarred…i can't say the same for my bonnet however. HAHAAA…i should be moaning 'oh fuck' and sighing but as samantha says, sighing makes your titties sag. I don't want my moobs (if i have any that is) to sag. That'd be yucky so yeah. HAHAA. I'm going to the repair shop tomorrow to get it fixed however, so we'll see how it goes. I hope it doesn't cost too much, considering that i'm gonna be dishing out the moolah for it. But oh well…i have to be responsible, i guess. After all, it IS my fault. I'll admit it with all my heart.

I've come out maybe a tad smarter, a little wiser perhaps…i'll know better than to tailgate next time. And i'm happy that we settled it amiably…i don't want to imagine settling it with baseball bats and death-threats, although i can. And then i'd be in the slammer now for assault, without a scholarship and without a future. Hooray Singapore! Heh.

As an afterthought, i can't believe i drove to wheelock place and spent one whole day in town. And i can't believe my folks didn't order me home and hentak-kaki in front of my gate. HAHAHAHA.



1. minizhu - June 26, 2006

u okie? not injured or anything? it’s a small crash right?

2. guojun - June 26, 2006

small crash. wallet hole big big. hai….

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