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Power is a Dangerous Thing June 25, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Power is a dangerous thing. Really. It's probably every, from the everyday mundane things to the global stage. But of course, i'm not going to talk to you about bullying incidents at the playground, because although it's becoming a worrying show of how Faustrecht is taking root even amongst the young, they're only going to have access to weapons of mass destruction in about 30 years' time.

I'm talking about the heavyweights on the global stage today. I don't know why, but i've been following the North Korean WMD issue like the latest Ch 8 serial on 9pm (which stars jeanette aw, who is pretty yosh.) And my opinion of the missile test is that North Korea is being like a bratty spoilt maggoty kid who can't get used to his parents' harder stance. Apparently, like most spoilt brats, it doesn't see that the hardening stance is because everyone's getting sick and tired of this bratty behaviour, of threats which may be or may not be carried out, but which will bring no good to the country anyway.

Everyone's just hell-bent on placating their megalomaniac Dear Leader while the people starve to death on tree bark. It's obvious that he doesn't give a flying fuck to whether they live or die – i mean, yes, there probably is a chapter in the Communist Manifesto which says that 'innocents must die' or something to that effect – in fact, all revolutions must have sacrifices – but here's a place where everyone's living in a fake utopia when in actual fact everything is falling apart. I don't know why the people are that soulless…they'd rather accept the way life is. I mean, there're people lying dead of hunger or whatever in the streets of Pyongyang and people just look and carry on. And when monetary aid comes in, you can be sure it's not going to the places which need it…everyone knows where the moolah goes but no one speaks up.

Maybe the South was wise to send help in terms of grain and such, because well, the leadership can't possibly survive on 200 tons of grain per month, and they can't possibly pour all their grain into their missiles can they? I mean a grain missile would probably be welcomed by the world…Worldwide famine solved!

And no, i shall not spare the US too. I was thinking of Guantanamo Bay…you know the prisoners held indefinitely in those camps because they're just suspected terrorists? Well, i do believe that there ARE terrorists in there. But every day, when you open the newspapers and read about how there are hunger strikes, inmates going insane, long periods of solitary confinements, and so on, and so forth, do you ask yourself if this is the right thing to do? It has the marks of insanity all over it…

I mean, come on. I'm sure the war against terror is important, but in the country of the Free, you definitely would expect more humane treatment from the authorities, would you? What happened to 'innocent until proven guilty?' What happened to equal treatment of people, be they citizens or felons? Or are they just destined to be of a lesser race and existence, just because they are suspected to be terrorists? What right do they have to put such hypocrisy into action?! You can't go about talking about human rights, when you're holding these people in captivity, treating them worse than how some humans treat their animals.

'Tis appalling, the way some things are today. 



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