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Cognac Stingers. June 22, 2006

Posted by The Truth in ClubLife Originals, Im Allgemeinen.

NOTE: This is an original unedited version of an article which is slated for publication on ClubLife. Do drop by, please (aiya, support-support a bit la) for more on the good life! Any grammatical/vocabulary errors are the author's own, and he does not accepts responsibility for it. He is abhorrentthankful for your feedback.

So i've (finally) finished that old bottle of Martell VSOP making me a Cognac Stinger tonight. It's one of those sweet after-dinner cocktails you drink which tastes a bit like cough syrup (and looks like it too, if i may add, considering it's green) but which leaves a satisfying warmth in your belly and a soft buzz in your head. And give it a while, but it'll taste like a minty version of cognac (and how cool is that?!) So, basically, here's the recipe for you:

2 parts cognac
1 part crème de menthe (green or white)

Shake with ice, and pour into a chilled martini glass.

It's probably called a stinger for a reason – maybe it's because apart from the strong taste which cognac already possesses, here's an added surprise for you: the sting of fresh peppermint, without the whole cocktail tasting too pepperminty (because the cognac overpowers it…) Unlike what its name suggests, it's probably not going to be very spicy…so you can drink this without fear. It's not a Bloody Mary with half a bottle of hot sauce inside, that's for sure. But it's a sweet way to serve cocktail, for the ladies and for those with a sweet tooth. A fine after-dinner cocktail for most purposes.

This also means that i can start attacking my bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP Réserve Exclusive. I bought it during BATTLEKING and it's been lying around ever since. I could never finish cognac quickly enough. YOSH.

And no, don't watch football drinking this. Give me an ice-cold Corona with lime slices anyday.



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