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Neil Gaiman’s Stardust… June 16, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I've just finished Stardust by neil gaiman. In 2 days (you could say that i'm a speed-reader. Or it's testament to how enthralling his work is.) Either way, i must say that for a Taschenbuch of just 200 pages, he does manage to bring across a beautiful story about the land of Faërie and a half-elf, who undertakes a quest to bring back a star for his beloved…and also about treachery on the road to the throne, and old crones searching for eternal youth…

Either way, to give all of you out there a little teaser…in Victorian England, there is a little village called Wall. It's called Wall for a very obvious reason. The village is ringed by a wall, except for a hole in a wall which opens out into a large meadow. Every nine years, strange people from the lands beyond the wall gather to set up a market, which is very well-known, attracting people from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, to look around and buy commodities of another world, literally.

Enter tristran thorn. (And victoria forester, for that matter…)

One's an unknowing half-elf, and the other is a village beauty…one night, they see a star fall from the heavens, towards the magical lands. Seizing the opportunity, tristran asks for victoria's hand, and in exchange, he'd find that star for her. And with that, he embarks on his Great Adventure!

It was all probably written in the Book of Destiny, to quote from the Gaimanverse – that he would embark on this quest, and that there would be a big twist in store for him. But what a great lot of living and travelling in between! He meets strange creatures, a talking oak, Lord Primus, and sails on a ship harvesting lightning, before he finally returns to Wall. In prose meant to stir the fantasies and hopes of the reader, neil gaiman has written yet another story made of the stuff of dreams. Yes, hearts will flutter, and dreams are stirred – that's gotta be one of the best bedside reads around.

And well, it's an adult fairytale…so yes there hasn't been any political corrections, so to speak…the Lilim rejuvenate themselves by eating the hearts of stars, and there's blood and gore – but how can there be a good story without any? If any, loss, destruction and despair only make the line 'and they lived happily ever after.' only all the more sweeter,  don't you think?




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