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It Looks Deep Enough From Here, I’m Diving..! June 16, 2006

Posted by The Truth in ClubLife Originals, Im Allgemeinen.

DISCLAIMER: Although this post IS a ClubLife Original, there's no way in Hell you're going to see it on ClubLife. Lalalalala.

Okay, so the title is a tad unusual.

Indeed, this statement is to describe how i'm feeling right now. So ClubLife.sg was launched yesterday, but i don't know if we were consulted at all. I know yours truly wasn't. Therefore, this statement pretty much sums up what i feel about it. I think our chief got a bit antsy and decided to just publish the Goddamned thing and be done with it.

You see, we were supposed to launch on dad-day. But oh well, what's done cannot be undone, can it? So, let's can it. How am i feeling? It's a bit rash. So i wonder why he pulled the plug without consulting us. Indeed, the morale behind 'it looks deep enough from here, i'm diving' is that although it'll look really cool if you do dive and come up safe (everyone'll think you're a guru at judging depths, even if you were plain lucky) but you could also dash yourself to the next world if you dive into a 0.5m kiddy pool from a height of 5 metres.

The wonders of myopia, i suppose. Or poor depth perception. Oh well, i doubt 2 days would've made a world of difference, anyway.

And no, me and my motley crew (about 2 out of 30-something, that is) of writers cannot ta all the articles…isn't it strange how everyone expects something, which they agreed to help out with, to run itself? The drought is going to go on, citizens of the Great Desert of Content, because there just aren't enough prayers to the temple to bring about rain. As i, your Oracle, says. It's time to repent. HAHAHAHA…just figure-of-speech, but i hope all of you know what i'm getting at.

In the meantime, i'd like to thank everyone who've contributed by being supportive and by giving us constructive advice. At least you didn't make comments like 'ah that's very nice but please don't show it to me for the love of God.' Either way, even if you thought that, thanks for not expressing it. (Well, i doubt you'd appreciate us setting the hounds on you, anyway. So.) 



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