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Philosophical Introductions June 2, 2006

Posted by The Truth in ClubLife Originals, Im Allgemeinen.

NOTE: This is an original unedited version of an article which is slated for publication on ClubLife. Do drop by, please (aiya, support-support a bit la) for more on the good life! Any grammatical/vocabulary errors are the author's own, and he does not accepts responsibility for it. He is abhorrentthankful for your feedback.

So! Philosophical feedbacks from yours truly. I was checking out a Tarot deck lately when i noticed something interesting. You see, although i won't display pictures for you, my creative spark was set off by seeing the same card in many languages. What struck me, especially, was The Sun and The Moon. You see, i noticed a gender swop between The Sun and The Moon (of course, in English, there isn't a gender for the definite article…you lucky maggots.) So it seems like this for the two main European families.

The Sun:    German-English: Die Sonne (fem.)
                  French: Le Soleil (mas.)

The Moon: German-English: Der Mond (mas.)
                  French: La Lune (fem.)

Gets you thinking, doesn't it? Maybe English was simplified for a reason…to avoid all this potential conflict between the sexes, both clamouring for emancipation and equal rights. Why, do you think, that in the Romantic languages, or languages stemming from Latin, the Sun was masculine and the Moon female, while in German, English, et cetera, the so-called barbarian tongues, the Moon was male and the Sun female?

Was it because the very concept of the Sun as a life-giver was different from the start? I mean, you can associate the Sun with raw power, creation, heat, warmth, stability, very masculine properties, i must say…but you can also associate the Sun with life-giving, nurturing of crops, motherly and feminine concepts. We talk of Mother Nature – surely the Sun has got to be a big part of it. If you think about it, the Sun is the very reason why Mother Nature exists…

And what of the Moon?

The Moon represents the receptive, reflected light, the night, silence, tranquility – surely qualities the war-hungry Middle Age man seeked not to possess. But the word lunacy stems from luna – the Moon – and perhaps ancient beliefs that the Moon had the power to drive a man insane could have made humans fear the Moon enough to imagine the Moon as a male god fully clothed in armour, armed and dangerous.

Then again, a man could go crazy over a woman. So much for that theory!

Similarly, many everyday issues today have a male and a female perspective. Just as your average male would have no qualms being straightforward and blunt, the woman tends to be more diplomatic and choosy with her words. Just as males can endure 20-kilometer route marches in FBO, but become surprisingly weak during the Great Singapore Sale, whereas the situation is totally reversed with the ladies. Just as violence is a solution for guys, but never for girls. And so on, and so forth.

That's what Venus v.s. Mars is all about, especially the Confrontation segment. Discuss, fight, scream and shout at each other – do everything, short of throwing expensive Ming vases (or grenades, for that matter) at each other – finally, it's time to shine the light of enlightenment on the other half of the human race!



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