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This Universe’s Most Dysfunctional Family June 30, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.
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Introducing The Endless, from neil gaiman‘s Sandman.


Fearing to Love… June 30, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.
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I think i’m falling for a girl.

I barely know her. We weren’t introduced ages ago, but we ‘clicked’ and found many parallels, many things we could talk about: stories, hopes, histories, fears, dreams, and the things which make you want to cry suddenly, but yet you can’t just cry about. We’ve told each other things you don’t tell to someone you know for 2 weeks, or which you may not tell them even after 2 years.

Pardon me for all the emo shit. It’s just that i’ve been coming under attacks from the Emo Armed Forces…yup you got it, Despair Bombs and emotional nukes. They’re pulling out all the stops this time. No, my soldiers with the plastic rifles and universal rounds can’t do jack shit about it. Don’t even think of it…(so we need the X-Men?)

For one, i’m going away very soon. That’s already a big stone in the path…(think about a rockfall in your path) and i’ve seen so many relationships break up, so many fires flare up, and then die down quietly because of the distance. But yet there’s the hope that by some kind of magic, the stars and the Moon, Venus, or anyone hearing upstairs will guide us down a road, like a lighthouse bringing lost ships back to port in the darkest of nights. 5 years. It’s not going to be easy, when we’re seperated by 10,000 kilometers (in the literal sense) and even if i can save up to fly her over, will things be the same? Will things be different?

Shuying said: ‘It’s going to be practically more painful.’ Yes, it means missing someone, pining for that someone, and taking care of yourself for that someone. It means potentially breaking up, with the follow-up risks of having sex with casual abandon, drinking binges, a-pack-a-day smoking habits, poor results, over-eating, or just staring into the TV 20 hours a day. But, without any pain, despair and loss, how do you make the sentence ‘and so they lived happily ever after‘ sound right?

I know i’m sounding like i’ve popped a few pills bottles of ‘Go-Emo-Now-And-Let-The-Desire-Speak.’ But bear with me.

There’s always that little nagging voice, at the back of your head, saying ‘you never know…’ It’s always there, when you’re contemplating the insignificant and the great; jumping off a bungee platform, trying your first Flaming Lamborghini, signing up for an insurance plan, speeding on an expressway, your first kiss, getting into a relationship, accepting a proposal, trying out the stuff which you cooked on your virgin cooking experience…yes that many things. And it’s asking me that same question, time and time again, in a maddening monotone.

I’m going too fast, without any brakes, and everyone knows what happens when you go too fast without any brakes. The crash and burn is just all the more splendid, in a horrible, hellish kind of way.

Jetzt. Hier. Immer… June 29, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.
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Könnt’ ich die Welt mit deinen Augen sehen
Könnt’ sie fühlen mit deinen Händen
önnt’ ich Worte so wie du verstehen
Würd’ ich so wie du denken?

Könnt’ ich träumen, so wie du es träumst
önnt’ mit deinen Wolken ziehen
ürden deine Ängste meine sein
üsst’ ich was dir fehlt, ich würd’s für dich stehlen…

Denn ich bin bei dir – jetzt, hier, immer…
Bin ich bei dir – jetzt, hier, immer…
Halt ich zu dir

Könnt’ ich hören, so wie du es hörst
Könnt’ mit deiner Stimme sprechen
Könnt’ ich Tasten schmecken zu wie du
Fühlte all deiner Schwächen

Wüsste ich wo deine Sonne steht
är’ aus deiner Fleisch und Blut
ürden Tage wie bei dir vergehen
Ich m
öcht’ dich kennen wie mich selbst
Du kannst auf mich z

Ich bin bei dir – jetzt, hier, immer…
Bei dir – jetzt, hier, immer…
Halt ich zu dir – jetzt, hier, immer…
Immer wieder bei dir…

Protected: Du, mein süßes Rauschgift June 28, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Above Top Secret.
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The Richest President in the World June 27, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Pops has been going around announcing to the family that our President, Mister President S R Nathan, is the most well-paid president in the world, with a handsome annual salary of FUCKING 2.5 Million SGD!

So, dear taxpayers, you know where all your money has been going.

If you earn 2.5 million bucks a year, and you can be bothered to do some simple math (i mean, take out your gold-plated calculator, powered by the Intel Core Duo processor and a 60GB HDD, which you could dedicate to finding out the true value of pi already,) that amounts to 8 cents per second.

And that’s a stinking lot of moolah! If you earned 2.5 million per annum…

  • You’d earn $48 for taking a crap, and $96 if you have constipation (Hooray for constipation! Keep popping those iron pills yo.)
  • You’d earn $24-$36 for a fag break (yes! every fag break you go for earns you enough to buy 3 packs of them!!)
  • You’d earn $9.60 for making an average phone call of 2 minutes’ duration (and imagine those hour-long conversations with your partner, whispering sweet nothings – $288! Yes now you can afford calls to Mars, i believe.)
  • You earn $2,304 per day just sleeping (coincidentally, that’s a lot more than what most people earn a month.)

Anti-corruption practices? Pah.

Are you turning green with envy now, mister Bush?

Finanzielle Belastungen, and About Sestinas June 27, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.
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Ich bin gestern nach Upper Thomson gefahren, um mein Auto reparieren zu lassen. Da wurde mir plötzlich mitgeteilt, dass ich $800 ausgeben muss, um das Auto bei irgendeinem Werkhaus zu reparieren! Während ich früher mit nur ungefähr $400 gerechnet hatte…wie kann es so sein, dass sich die Kosten einfach so verdoppelt?

Ich weiss nicht genau, ob der Mechaniker mich anbetrogen hat. Dies musst ersetzt werden, und so weiter, und der ganzer voriger Teil meines Autos muss darüber hinaus noch neu gefärbt werden…Ich frage mich schon, ob ich das Auto überhaupt nicht reparieren sollte…wenn die Summe, die ich zahlen muss, schon 10% die Kosten des ganzen Autos beträgt…würdest du denn dir nicht dieselbe Frage stellen?

Darüber hinaus muss ich noch die Schaden bei dem anderen Fahrzeug dessen Besitzer wiedergutmachen, gegen das ich gestern gestoßen habe. Wir haben uns nur einmal diese Wiedergutmachung besprochen und seitdem hat er mich nicht angerufen…Na scheissegal, wenn der mich nicht anruft, dann mache ich eben seine Schaden nicht wieder gut…Vielleicht bekomme ich den falschen Eindruck, aber wer sich nicht nach einem Unfall zurückmeldet, braucht vielleicht das Geld auch nicht unbedingt, oder?

Ich habe sogar ihm zugegeben, dass ich Schuld war, und ich habe es auch klargemacht, dass ich bereit bin, die Schulden wiedergutzumachen…kann nicht mehr tun, oder? Ich kann nur mir die Daumen drücken und hoffen, dass er diesen Unfall verdrängt!

Und nun…alles auf Englisch! Ich habe gerade ausprobiert, eine Sestina zu schreiben…und wie geht denn das?

What’s a sestina? Strictly defined, a sestina is a form of poetry with very strictly defined rules. Here are the rules…

  • A sestina is made up of 39 lines, divided into 6 six-line stanzas, normally ending with a triplet.
  • In the five stanzas following the first, all the six lines must end with the same six words as the six words which end the six lines in the first stanza.
  • If you number the words which end the first six lines of the first stanza 123456, then the order is as follows:
  • 615243, 364125, 532614, 451362, 246531
  • In the last triplet, there must be any two words in one line.
  • There’re no length restrictions per line!

Speaking of which, there’s one up on beyond reality…check it out!

Mein erster Autounfall! June 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Okay, so it's nothing to brag about. Vielleicht sollte ich sagen, dass ich Schweine hatte, weil ich keine Menschen überfahren habe. So i was driving along Clementi Road in a typical shower, following this lorry which was following another lorry…unfortunately the bugger most in front decided to jam brake and turn into King Albert Park, so the lorry in front of me had to jam brake, causing me to jam brake also…but the road was slippery and i was a tad too close so i buanged his ass…

Which meant that it was my fault.

Luckily his vehicle wasn't scarred…i can't say the same for my bonnet however. HAHAAA…i should be moaning 'oh fuck' and sighing but as samantha says, sighing makes your titties sag. I don't want my moobs (if i have any that is) to sag. That'd be yucky so yeah. HAHAA. I'm going to the repair shop tomorrow to get it fixed however, so we'll see how it goes. I hope it doesn't cost too much, considering that i'm gonna be dishing out the moolah for it. But oh well…i have to be responsible, i guess. After all, it IS my fault. I'll admit it with all my heart.

I've come out maybe a tad smarter, a little wiser perhaps…i'll know better than to tailgate next time. And i'm happy that we settled it amiably…i don't want to imagine settling it with baseball bats and death-threats, although i can. And then i'd be in the slammer now for assault, without a scholarship and without a future. Hooray Singapore! Heh.

As an afterthought, i can't believe i drove to wheelock place and spent one whole day in town. And i can't believe my folks didn't order me home and hentak-kaki in front of my gate. HAHAHAHA.

Power is a Dangerous Thing June 25, 2006

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Power is a dangerous thing. Really. It's probably every, from the everyday mundane things to the global stage. But of course, i'm not going to talk to you about bullying incidents at the playground, because although it's becoming a worrying show of how Faustrecht is taking root even amongst the young, they're only going to have access to weapons of mass destruction in about 30 years' time.

I'm talking about the heavyweights on the global stage today. I don't know why, but i've been following the North Korean WMD issue like the latest Ch 8 serial on 9pm (which stars jeanette aw, who is pretty yosh.) And my opinion of the missile test is that North Korea is being like a bratty spoilt maggoty kid who can't get used to his parents' harder stance. Apparently, like most spoilt brats, it doesn't see that the hardening stance is because everyone's getting sick and tired of this bratty behaviour, of threats which may be or may not be carried out, but which will bring no good to the country anyway.

Everyone's just hell-bent on placating their megalomaniac Dear Leader while the people starve to death on tree bark. It's obvious that he doesn't give a flying fuck to whether they live or die – i mean, yes, there probably is a chapter in the Communist Manifesto which says that 'innocents must die' or something to that effect – in fact, all revolutions must have sacrifices – but here's a place where everyone's living in a fake utopia when in actual fact everything is falling apart. I don't know why the people are that soulless…they'd rather accept the way life is. I mean, there're people lying dead of hunger or whatever in the streets of Pyongyang and people just look and carry on. And when monetary aid comes in, you can be sure it's not going to the places which need it…everyone knows where the moolah goes but no one speaks up.

Maybe the South was wise to send help in terms of grain and such, because well, the leadership can't possibly survive on 200 tons of grain per month, and they can't possibly pour all their grain into their missiles can they? I mean a grain missile would probably be welcomed by the world…Worldwide famine solved!

And no, i shall not spare the US too. I was thinking of Guantanamo Bay…you know the prisoners held indefinitely in those camps because they're just suspected terrorists? Well, i do believe that there ARE terrorists in there. But every day, when you open the newspapers and read about how there are hunger strikes, inmates going insane, long periods of solitary confinements, and so on, and so forth, do you ask yourself if this is the right thing to do? It has the marks of insanity all over it…

I mean, come on. I'm sure the war against terror is important, but in the country of the Free, you definitely would expect more humane treatment from the authorities, would you? What happened to 'innocent until proven guilty?' What happened to equal treatment of people, be they citizens or felons? Or are they just destined to be of a lesser race and existence, just because they are suspected to be terrorists? What right do they have to put such hypocrisy into action?! You can't go about talking about human rights, when you're holding these people in captivity, treating them worse than how some humans treat their animals.

'Tis appalling, the way some things are today. 

爱因为痴心而绝对 June 22, 2006

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为你付出那种伤心 你永远不了解
你又狠狠逼退 我的防备

直到哪一天 你会发现
真正爱你的人独自守着 伤悲

Cognac Stingers. June 22, 2006

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NOTE: This is an original unedited version of an article which is slated for publication on ClubLife. Do drop by, please (aiya, support-support a bit la) for more on the good life! Any grammatical/vocabulary errors are the author's own, and he does not accepts responsibility for it. He is abhorrentthankful for your feedback.

So i've (finally) finished that old bottle of Martell VSOP making me a Cognac Stinger tonight. It's one of those sweet after-dinner cocktails you drink which tastes a bit like cough syrup (and looks like it too, if i may add, considering it's green) but which leaves a satisfying warmth in your belly and a soft buzz in your head. And give it a while, but it'll taste like a minty version of cognac (and how cool is that?!) So, basically, here's the recipe for you:

2 parts cognac
1 part crème de menthe (green or white)

Shake with ice, and pour into a chilled martini glass.

It's probably called a stinger for a reason – maybe it's because apart from the strong taste which cognac already possesses, here's an added surprise for you: the sting of fresh peppermint, without the whole cocktail tasting too pepperminty (because the cognac overpowers it…) Unlike what its name suggests, it's probably not going to be very spicy…so you can drink this without fear. It's not a Bloody Mary with half a bottle of hot sauce inside, that's for sure. But it's a sweet way to serve cocktail, for the ladies and for those with a sweet tooth. A fine after-dinner cocktail for most purposes.

This also means that i can start attacking my bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP Réserve Exclusive. I bought it during BATTLEKING and it's been lying around ever since. I could never finish cognac quickly enough. YOSH.

And no, don't watch football drinking this. Give me an ice-cold Corona with lime slices anyday.