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Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.


So i was pubbing with reuben and his friend this evening at The Fullerton (there's only one pub there) and anyway, there we were cussing out the education system, talking about ClubLife, and discussing potential future editors over cocktails and Dunhill Lights (their new box is godly. Damn stylo la!)

And here are some pics…(jeez i haven't brought my camera out in fucking eons. I almost forgot i had one.)

P5270013.JPG Cocktails and lights.

And here's more…

They've got funky lamps there.

Damn i so have to get one.

After our discussion (meistens ging es ums Ausbildungssystem – also sollte ich eigentlich alles verschweigen) we decided to take a walk along Boat Quay back to the Somerset area (yes it's a fucking long walk. But fresh air never hurt anyone did it?) and…we came across…


What the fuck. I could cry.


We passed by an underpass with a wizened man singing a love ballad to a couple, who began a small romantic dance in the middle of the underpass, während sie anfingen, sich rumzuknutschen…i watched and sighed. It seems so improbable, so paiseh even, but yet it's such a sweet romantic gesture, because even if you've got two left feet, even if an underpass is just about the most improbable place to dance, the very fact that you and your partner are there dancing slowly to a sweet love ballad says a lot. Single hopeless romantics like me would just look, smile and feel empty inside.

Damn. I wish i'd taken a picture. It'd be something to remember, and like that photographer who won a prize for a picture taken in Paris, 1960…all i'd have to do is B&W it and submit it to the MDA. And i'd be like Singapore's Next Great Talent.

Anyway, reuben says you can find him at that underpass on Saturday evenings. Which underpass? Find it yourself la dey…if i ever get a girlfriend before i go to Germany, he is one man i am going to visit. Yes, auf jeden Fall.

I was horribly tempted to go clubbing as i passed by Mohd Sultan…fuckfuckfuck. I miss going there, dancing to those silly '80s hits, loud singalongs, getting mildly physical, picking up ladies, being nice, drinking way too much, y'know, clubbing behaviour.

Yes, call me desperate. Almost getting there already. I'm despairing of having so much to say, but not being able to say it. I'm missing someone close who will hug you, hold you in her arms, and say it's gonna be okay. I'm missing someone who i can hold and whisper that everything's gonna be alright. I miss lots of stuff you can do. Probably i'm missing getting tied down too. Come to think of it, i'm pretty much still a relationship noob here. I've been single for ages. Scandalous, but single. Since 2004…and i don't know if i should call it a relationship or a fling (sorry you…i know you're reading this) – of course it had its beautiful moments…times when nothing else was important but each other.

I miss it. No, i don't really miss the Chivas life, but i'm probably missing the kind of life which Chivas Regal tries to imply in its adverts: the happy life. Kann euch nicht sagen, dass ich froh bin; andererseits ist es auch falsch zu sagen, dass alles im Zusammenbruch geht. So…?

Yes, go with the feeling. The right one will come. Yadda yadda…so what now, warten und schweigen?



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