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Earwax I: Automobile Audio May 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in ClubLife Originals.

NOTE: This is an original unedited version of an article which is slated for publication on ClubLife. Do drop by, please (aiya, support-support a bit la) for more on the good life! Any grammatical/vocabulary errors are the author's own, and he does not accepts responsibility for it. He is abhorrentthankful for your feedback.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen, liebes Publikum, and all our readers from outer space. Many of you have commented on the variety of music yours truly listens to (which is a fucking broad variety, i might add) and on how i seem to have good taste for music choice. Well, thank you all very much for all your support and encouragement. And with my new place as The Editor of ClubLife, and after some careful observation, i've decided to start a mini-series on music.

Music is everywhere in our lives. I mean, let's face it. You've got a huge array of portable music players, car stereos, computers, personal radios, human beatboxes, club DJs and a whole lot more. Music is part of our everyday existence. So!

Today's piece is on Automobile Audio. Of course, your parents probably insisted on listening to radio stations like Capitol 95.8 FM, Symphony FM, or maybe Gold 90.5 or maybe Class 95 (if your parents were more tolerant of modern music.) But truly, what kind of music would you play, if you had access to an iPod-compatible car?

Let's see. If you drive something like a Mazda MX-5 or maybe the BMW Z4, and have a knack for driving with the roof down, then perhaps you could blast techno tunes (try Maria (I Like it Loud) by Scooter v.s. Marc Acardipane if you want to show off your car's capabilities. Revving your engine in tune with the beat is also an option. Of course, to avoid the Bengster image, please read on.

If you're one of those who drive those PS cars (German: Pferdestärke) like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru Impreza WRX, RX-8, et cetera, as long as they are Japanese brands, then you should definitely be pretty familiar with techno tunes. An improvement while still staying true to your roots would be someone like Kate Ryan (yes, you can race to songs like Another Day and Désenchantée) or maybe the Maximum Tune soundtrack (arcade freaks. Bah.) Heavy gothic metal may work wonders for you as well, if you're one who's into hardcore drumming and sad melancholic gothic orchestra. It's a genre called rock opera, with well-known acts like Nighwish or Within Temptation. Good driving stuff. Especially for chiongsters and zhng-sters. Want to take you and your Integra Type R back to the Middle Ages? Then just blast these songs as you race down Old Holland Road.

So much for car types. Now for drive types. If you're one who's reduced to an emotional wrack just by listening to Class 95 on weekend nights (it happens sometimes to me too) then you just need a right dose of emo music to keep those tears flowing and the emotions going. Songs from the '80s and '90s, like Missing You from The Police, old girl-group songs like Viva Forever by the Spice Girls, Chinese songs which make you sigh, like 一路向北 by 周杰伦. How about 痴心绝对? Songs which make you pine over the past and which make you just want to step on the accelerator and moan the way to your destination.

So much for the emo drive. For long night drives, you need something which will keep you awake. So, if your aim is just to stay awake on the tedious journey home, you can try listening to Gavin DeGraw's Chariot album. Not exactly bubblegummy, but you can't say that he's not singing about love. Good rhythm, smart lyrics, and no, it's NOT all rock: you will definitely find some very interesting tunes inside! Try listening to Crush, or Meaning. And of course, there's also that One Tree Hill hit…

Another genre you can try on long night drives is live albums. Listen to people like Sarah Brightman, or maybe groups like The Corrs. Get a live album, like The Harem World Tour, or VH-1 Presents: The Corrs…and so on, and so forth. Yes, there's lots of applause, screaming and, of course, good music. I'm recommending The Corrs to all of you because normally they'll throw in a couple of instrumental pieces which are invigorating to say the least. And Sarah Brightman is for those of you who want to listen to a pop-meets-classic fusion while you drive. It's not bad, y'know…it'll probably make you a nicer driver, anyway. HAHA.

And lastly…the music you can listen to at all times of the day (but better to be first drive in the morning)…good mood music! A survey conducted with 100 drivers on favourite driving songs showed U2's Beautiful Day to be the best driving song around. And if you liked that, you will probably like a lot more songs, like Texas' Inner Smile, Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle, and so on, and so forth. Just listen to whatever gets you in the mood. This is just a rough guide.

Happy driving!



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