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Everything’s a Game of Power May 22, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen, WARNING: Heavy Reading Ahead.

WARNING: HEAVY READING AHEAD. Nothing challenging as in the philosophical stuff, but definitely something to think about. Avoid if you have a headache. Do not operate heavy machinery.

I just came back from watching the Da Vinci Code. And i must say that although it's very complicated (it's just a labyrinth of scheming power play which any politician would be proud of) with a lot of cleverly used historical knowledge. As Teabing says:

When history is written, murderers become heroes.

How true that statement is. Anyway, y'all will probably have read the book or seen the movie, so i'm not going to give you a spoiler here. The message he's trying to bring across, i believe, is that even organised religion (like the Church) is also subject to power games. Power is everywhere.

Let's see. Taking Opus Dei and The Priori of Sion to be exactly as portrayed in the movie (i hope you know by now that they are not,) then the movie is just about power. One side fights on the side of the Vatican, secretly trying to destroy the Holy Grail just so that there will be no challenge to Church authority, even if the Church is against it, whereas the other is dedicated to protecting the identity of Jesus' bloodheritage no matter what, until the time is ripe for him/her to reveal his/her identity. I'm sure you'd be able to imagine the repercussions of someone claiming the bloodright of Jesus Christ for the Church – suddenly, everything which was attributed to Jesus – chaste, pure, single, immortal, etc., – would all seem an illusion. Jesus would then be a human – an extraordinary human, nonetheless – but still human, neither immortal nor god.

To this end, a lot of ancient history and history of the middle ages are twisted, and must be taken with a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper – obviously, i can believe the blade and chalice theory, but that the Knights Templar were originally founded to protect the Holy Grail, and that they only had access to Mary Magdalene's grave, is hard to believe.

Some actual history for you all: The Knights Templar was founded in the aftermath of the First Crusade, circa 1096 A.D., to protect the many European immigrants who migrated to Jerusalem after it was conquered by the Crusaders. It was not a warrior order of the Priori of Sion founded to guard the Grail. It is equally unlikely that they had access to Mary Magdalene's sarcophagus, even if the Knights Templar grew to become exceedingly rich.

What's true is that the Knights Templar ran afoul of a French king's machinations, probably due to a land dispute, which caused them to be arrested and tried by the Pope. Despite a secret pardon, the Knights Templar ceased to exist in 1314, when the surviving leaders of the order were burned at the stake. The suspicion that the Knights Templar held the Holy Grail could be an accusation used against them by the Pope in passing judgement. Either way, the Pope was weak and the Emperor strong; a very clear picture of power play here – the Vatican could have lost much support if the Emperor decided to stop paying royalties to the Church.

I don't know why, but i feel that the main theme of this movie is all about power and those who are crazy for it. Even those so-called 'holy' organisations are also subject to power. I guess it's a sad but true fact: wherever there are humans, there will always be a power struggle. Utopia is pretty much impossible…well i mean, a utopia which is stable.

Of course, these power games are never obvious – but oftentimes they're not very well concealed. You just have to give it some thought (sit down and drink some teh tarik, go for a fag, discuss it over martinis [dialectic is a good way to discover things especially if you're a tad inebriated] read the Tarot, read the newspapers, read a mystery thriller, go to the movies, talk to a taxi driver – you get my drift) and it should become quite clear to you.

For example. If you give it some thought, you'd see why i don't think it's God's will that missionaries were sent to aggressively (keyword!) promote the Christian faith. Now, mind you, i'm not out to defame anyone's faith. Anyway, i am of the opinion that they were, unknowingly, part of a power play by the Western powers. By making people aware of the Christian God, they reduced the influence of the Emperor as the bearer of the Divine Right (for example, in China.)

In Ancient Rome, philosophy was deemed as an insidous poison of the youth, such that attempts were made to prevent the youth from philosophy. It was feared that they would become weak and inclined to think, rather than remain puritanical and warlike. The lesser they knew, the better.

Power struggles tend to bring out the worst of people. Some politicians, who have spent years and years building their country, and who have done a hell of a good job at it, resort to using lawsuits and other childish means to deal with small misunderstandings and infringements, even after an open apology was made. Many politicians view the opposition as the enemy and dedicate themselves to crushing them. Yes, instead of proving why their policies are better, they spend time trying to prove why the Opposition is unworthy of ruling the government. They fail to understand that they could use another voice in Parlament, and that a 70-30 or maybe even a 60-40 government works. There are even große Koalitionen which actually work. If 50-50 is too risky, then give yourself a small majority and see how it works out. A dedicated government will do what's best for the country egal, aus welcher Couleur sie kommen.

Yes, don't lie and claim to be a first-world democracy. There is no 'first-world democratic leadership' to speak of, for what kind of democracy does a one-party government have? Here is a dictatorship of sorts, but indeed it is an effective one. Not all dictators fall. Here, the dictator is intelligent enough to know that the people must be happy. And so, he takes care of their welfare and development. He carefully forges ties with other countries, waving carrots in their faces which are so fresh and juicy that they cannot resist. But it probably only functions in this corner of the World.

In the meantime, like any political organisation, this dictatorship attempts to consolidate its power by reorganising Wahlbezirke, denying those who voted against them the benefits they promised (es tut mir wirklich Leid, aber Ihren Aufzug wird zur Zeit nicht verbessert, aufgrund der Tatsache, dass Sie nicht für uns gewählt haben.) and capturing the political infidels. (Sie dürfen noch nicht abfliegen, da wir ein paar Fragen für Sie haben…)

I mean, it's pretty much obvious. Everyone knows what's going on, but they don't say anything. Meanwhile, the biggies are content to rest on their laurels until the next election. This is Mankind's only sin – the want of power. From ages long past til now until forever. Greek conquest. The Crusades. Witch-hunting. God is dead. Humans have killed him. Megalomania. Hitler. The A-Bomb. Iron Curtain. Vietnam. The 'War on Terror.' From then, to now. From now, to forever more.



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