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ich bin froh, gleichzeitig auch traurig May 20, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Wow. It's been awhile since i last reported that i'm still alive. Anyhoo, i went back to njc on Thursday caz i wanted to discuss my Motivationsbegründung (that's something like an essay you write for universities…only that this is for my particular subject, which happens to be German.) Unluckily, schraudolph didn't get it so i just spent the afternoon checking out how you conduct an examination. Actually it's not that difficult if the class is small. And considering that the paper in question is a German essay, i don't think you have to bother checking for cheating because…

How on Earth do you cheat for German essays?! Okay, keine Wörterbücher is like the only rule, but you can't possibly ask around because everyone would be probably just as unsure as you are.

Also helped out one of my juniors with her coursework. She aspires to be a German teacher as well. Hmmm. Oh well, liebes Publikum, if any of you are interested in taking up a foreign language, GO AND DO IT. There will definitely be good career prospects for you in the upcoming few years. Anyway, yes, (shameless publicity) if you need help with German, please find me. I won't say i'm perfect, but at least my help is for free.

Yah, fleee wan lah! U donwan ah.

After that i went down to Goethe…needed to get some of my documents proof-read. The person at DAAD (That's Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst for the uninitiated), dorothea actually bothered to help me proof read the Motivationsbegründung as well as correct the language…which was really very very helpful of her.

German lessons later was interesting, but it was sad at the end because it was announced that the next semester would be cancelled because not enough people were taking part in the Oberstufe. Pity! No choice lah. Got to study by myself from now on. I mean, i was really looking forward to a new term, not just because i'd have the opportunity to at least express myself in German for one evening, but because i already wanted to introduce them to the O Live Lait concert…like i told schaumann, großartige Sozialkommentar…and well, i liked classes. Really. C2 was fun. Damned fun.

So i've been happy twice, and sad once already…and there was another surprise in store…ewerhart (yes, ex-LEPers…our ex-relief teacher) joined us for dinner with her daughter who is DAMN (i shall refrain from using expletives) CHAIFUL! OMG chais rule yosh. I did get the chance to talk some cock…but most of the time she was just lost in a book. I suppose if you had to go to dinner with your mom and a huge bunch of strangers, that's probably what you would do yea? But still, yosh. We ate at this pizza place before finally going our seperate ways. Oh and i got quite a surprise…so ewerhart is from Trier, which is one of the unis i'm applying to! HAHAHA oh well the world just seemed to get smaller still.

I think i'm really going to miss them some. Sigh. Oh well, i suppose people come and people go, so perhaps i should remember this as a magical summer that passed too quickly, rather than be pining back always. Either way…

Ich möchte mich mit ganzem Herzen bei euch bedanken.

The biggest surprise was when i got home. I FINALLY HAVE MY FINANZIERUNGSNACHWEIS! Yosh that means that i can go and start my applications proper. Already got my Coupon-Réponse International, and my stuff zapped. Waiting to hop down to the Botschaft next week to get it all certified true copies. It's like i've just discovered a new purpose in life. GO GO GO!!!

At the same time, deep down i'm feeling empty. It's like all these purposes in life is something which is just covering up the emptiness within, little distractions from the major hurt. Still, these past two days have been quite an adventure i suppose. Never done so much stuff outside the factory in such a timespan since what, i ORD-ed? Much of Thursday was positive, bright and sunny, and it would've been perfect, if not for the news that the course would be cancelled. Friday was just…running about. And driving a lot. Man i only got home at 1 a.m. this morning. But hey, i love driving, like i said.

To Class 95's love songs, that is. 



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