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Endorphins for Nicotine, Yummy Mummies, and Strange Dreams May 18, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I finally put on my running shoes again yesterday. To think i bought a pair of Asics shoes just before i ORD-ed, only not to run anymore. Geez. Yesterday, i slipped them on and decided to go for a short run round the estate, despite the looming grey clouds. Yes, i ran. Fucking proud of myself for doing that.

I mean, so far there's been close to zilch cardiovascular exercise in my life. I mean, i still have my tri-weekly strength workouts at the MacDermid plant, where i normally heave 30-kg heavy jerry cans up and down like no one's business. Thanks to that, i'm able to maintain a healthy 12 chinups. Yosh! And no, i don't mind being sweaty all day. I do feel stronger. And yes, it makes every cent of that 50 quid that much more worth it.

So yesterday (i don't know why i'm writing this today actually…ahh. that inspirational essay.) i woke up to an empty house. And if you think the first thing i did was to reach for a fag, you are dead wrong. I surprise myself from time to time…and apart from doing my German homework (well it's self-imposed, but still work nonetheless) i decided to run!

Okay, i'm out of shape. But after the whole shenanigan, i discovered something:

Trading nicotine for endorphins works.

Yosh. Still get high…but it's that kind of oh-my-goodness-i'm-so-gonna-concuss-soon kind of high. But there's nothing to make you higher than a cold shower after that. Wah. Orgas man i tell you. Whoooooooo. The best part is getting up the morning after at 6 fucking a.m. and not feeling that tired after all. It works.

Today, at the factory, i heard that diana ser is preggers. Man. I'm quite upset. Hahaha…i mean…i think there'll be quite a lot of dudes out there who will be quite upset too lar. I'm definitely not the only one who has the hots for her. Or any other celeb mummies…like li-lin or maybe vivian lai. Sheesh. So many yummy mummies out there. Makes you want to go yosh, but then again you catch yourself, wondering if it's right to have the hots for a much older woman. And shut the fuck up, jeron, she's hot. So is li-lin. Peace.
Why not? There are some reasons why i'm glued to Channel NewsAsis sometimes. HAHAHAHA.

One more strange thing happened today. It's as if Dream was trying to tell me a little something…I was having my siesta with jeron and friends after lunch at MacDermid, i had the strangest of dreams. I dreamt of emelyne.

There was an Autobahn in the middle of nowhere. We were sitting in her car, a sporty convertible, zipping at 160 klicks per hour. The wind was in our hair and the landscapes flashed past to the sides. I didn't know where i was going, and nor did she. And then…

And then i woke up. Man. I still can't fathom what it means. A glimpse of things to come..? An urge to be with you? It could be the simplest explanation of all, however, which makes sense…

I miss you. Like crazy.



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