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Colours of You May 13, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

sitting alone in my bedroom,
feeling the moonlight upon my face
pure and white, a silvery cold;
she tells us a story, ages old…

a photograph, perhaps taken decades ago
the print is faded, worn and yellowed
like an unfulfilled promise whispered so long ago,
your colours have faded; your eyes look jaded

i can't remember if your eyes were sky blue
or emerald green, or honey brown
i can't remember the brilliance of your smile
nor the sweet scent of summer which destroyed my frowns…

How many summers have passed?
Days i've lived and laughed, days i've cried in regret;
bleib bei mir; ich halt dich fest;
but the words died, even if they were the best…

and now i'm far, so far away
looking at the Moon, hoping one day
you'll look up into the night, and see her too
and you'll know that i'm thinking of you

thinking of you, because we're looking
at the same side of the Moon…

Man i really got to quit getting emo. This is the second time this week.



1. manchi - May 14, 2006

so sad that I’m getting emo too. =/ It’s ok we can emo together

2. guojun - May 14, 2006

what can i do for you…? what’s up girl…why the emo outbursts too?

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