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About: Death May 11, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

What, or who is Death?

The Grim Reaper? Does Death have another persona, another aspect of existence perhaps? Why do people fear Death? Is Death one who comes stealing in the dead of the night, come to take our souls away into the endless ether? Or is Death nothing more but an eternal, dreamless slumber? Is Death actually rebirth in disguise?

Will we actually look back on our lives the moment we know that when we close our eyes, we'll never open them again, and say ruefully…

death7.gif Here we all are…

Will you?

Is Death the slim attractive femme fatale (more in the literal sense here i mean she's the EMBODIMENT OF DEATH WTF) as portrayed in Sandman, or is Death as personified in the Tarot deck – a skeleton in jet-black armour, upon a steed of untold magics? Or is Death one who serves neither Heaven nor Hell – one who takes sinners and saints alike to places beyond this plane of existence?

Why do we fear Death? Death has been associated with many things, for example, during World War II, Death was approximated with the German war machine:

'Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland seine Augen sind blau…'

Many fear Death because they fear the unknown. They fear what lies beyond. That's why many find religion. Religion, to the jaded person, is equivalent to buying insurance for the time you don't exist anymore. To them, religion is like buying a 'Get Out of Hell Free' card. To the God-fearing, however, religion causes them to never fear Death, but to know when to let go.

Free-thinkers, however, also have their own ways of comfort. Some believe that when it's time to go, it's time to go. Death is, perhaps, the next great adventure? Death can also mean, lastly, a chance at starting everything anew. Why do you think Death, in Sandman, wore an ankh? The ankh is an Egyptian sign of rebirth, just like Death is a symbol of change in the Tarot.

Marvels are at work, and like it or not, we're all in the thick of it. As a wise old man once said to a little girl, the only thing which tells us that time is passing is change. The death of the old heralds the beginning of the new; in every ending there's a new start…

Oh, and my MSN e-mail address has changed to magique.toujours@gmail.com. I think someone has access to my MSN…been logged out of my MSN way too many times. So yeah, if i don't appear on your MSN automatically, please delete me and re-add me. Thank you!



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