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Sie sieht mich nicht: Durch die Welt der Träumen May 7, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Je mehr ich mich ihr nähe, desto ungeschickter bin ich;
Mein Körper, meine Stimme, mein Gesicht –
Es gibt Grenzen, die man trotz Millionen von Soldaten wegwischt;
Aber unsere überwindet man nicht…

Yet another stormy night. A cold, lonesome darkness throws a cover over the land, while the tears of the gods washes this black cover without mercy. I lay sleepless, again on my bed, beseeching the Dreaming to take me away into a better world, a world of colours and light…

And then she came to me. Bathed in an aura of white, i saw her standing atop a crystal dais. Her back was turned to me, as if she were staring into a place far, far away – staring into the nothingness. But the closer i approached the dais, the clumsier i became, as i became increasingly aware of my imperfection. Colours of Light began to envelope me, caressing me with their warmth and fascinating me with their vibrance…but yet my body began to fail me…

I faltered and stumbled, but struggled on, but i fell, just as the dais began to fade away into the ether. I called out her name – a name full of untold secrets and long-forgotten stories…a name which never comes to me in the waking life. And she turned. Her amber eye twinkled a soft golden, and at that instant i knew.

No one could ever seperate us.

And then she, too, began to fade away upon the dais…as she disappeared, the colours of light faded. I was left in the wastelands of the Dreamtime, trying to fathom the mysteries of it, but, for once in a long time, i felt neither sorrow nor despair.



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