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Sie sieht mich nicht: Schlaflose Nächte May 4, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Wenn sie tanzt, dann tanzt alles –
ihre Hüften und Arme;
Alles erhellt sich im Licht dieser Dame
Sie hat die Anmut und die Reinheit, die anderen nicht haben
Sie hat all das was ich nicht hab' – sie sieht mich einfach nicht…

Sleepless nights. I only caught maybe 2 hours of useful sleep last night. The rest of the night was spent lying in bed. Thinking…and thinking…and thinking. Of someone – but of who, i don't know. Was it all a dream? Her face was bathed in light but her eyes were the most striking of all. One was an emerald green, while the other was a soft honey-toned gold.

She took a step towards me, and a blinding white flash engulfed my senses. The twilight world which was once my Universe became one of light and colour. What was once shadow took on form and shape, as the darkness gave way to the light. Her step was light and vital; she moved about in her sanctuary of light in a half-dance, bringing the dead world back to live with just the slightest of touches…

Why does she not see me? Am i lacking in her grace, her purity, that she deigns not to see me? Am i just a white shadow? She is all that i am not…

And then i woke up, surrounded by the silence of the night. Save for the pinpricks of the stars, all around was nothing but a velvety blackness. I sat and waited for the light, for the world of colour and life to engulf me again, to take me away from the dead of night…but nothing came.

To be continued.



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