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Mirrormask! April 30, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

WARNING: Hier wird vorweggenommen!

Okay, okay, so you'll find the same entry on Clublife. I'm a writer there! Just click on the link 'Welcome to the Club'…and yes, if you're interested in being a guest-writer, please do drop me a holler. I'm sure there's a place for everyone. Who knows, you may make it big someday!

Surely you've heard of neil gaiman – he's the genius behind works like Sandman, American Gods and of late, the movie Mirrormask. If you've ever read his works, you'll probably know what to expect – a spark of grand creative genius, fantastic worlds, a story hidden behind another, the ugly nature of humanity, something which walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night, and much more!

Stephanie Leonidas (who is chaiful, i might add) plays helena, a girl who juggles at a circus with her family, a girl who's life revolves around the balls she juggles and hectic schedules. Helena craves for her own life, so to speak – a life where she can fly away from that dreaded circus and never looks back. Then she excites her momma, who then collapses. Things take a turn for the fantastic thereafter.

What if one night you awoke to violin music just round the corner of your house? Just a spectre, a trick of the wind?

Helena, upon investigating, discovers a motley crew of performers practising their art – before shadow and darkness steals everything away, a certain valentine saves her by dragging her away into a dank room occupied by a creature which eats books. They enter the City of Light by insulting a pair of thick books, which, upon verbal abuse initiate their return to the Library.

Helena is a symbol of light and hope – the hope that she can right the imbalance of Light and Darkness caused by 'The Princess' – an unknown, really, at this point of time…all helena has to do is find the artefact

Okay, okay. That's enough of a spoiler already. What happens zwischendurch is for yours truly to know, and for y'all to find out. An attempt to summarise it would look like this.

A window into another world. The Really Useful Book. Giants Orbiting. If you have it, you wanna share it; if you share it, you don't have it. Listen to what your mother said. A Doppelgänger? Gryphons and sphinces. Don't let them see you're afraid. One key, but many locks… The cardinal sin of avarice. Close to You. A letter to the Black Queen. Die Wahrheit kommt ans Licht. A guilt trip. Juggling removes the darkness. Valentine apologises. The Mirrormask…

And yes, she's hot. Yosh.



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