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Spürst du den Wandel der Zeit? April 28, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Let me tell all of you a story.

Once upon a time, there was an inquisitive little girl who came upon a wizened old man. The kindly Ancient One granted the girl three questions. The girl pondered for awhile, before asking her first question.

'What's a secret?'

The Ancient One answered: 'When you have it, you want to share it; when you share it, you don't have it.'

'What's love?'

The Ancient One answered: 'Love is perhaps something which never changes throughout time. Love can outlast stone, but she can also divide and conquer. Love heals and afflicts, she laughs, just as she makes one cry. She brings lovers together, just as she builds walls between hearts. Love can be the death of hearts, but to some, she is pure deliverance. Only the thinnest of boundaries seperates Love and Hate, just as only the thinnest of boundaries exist between Light and Shadow.'

The girl then posed her final question.

'What is time? Why can't i see it? How can i see time?'

To which the old man replied, 'Girl, time is like water. She runs through our hands, no matter how much we try to stop her. Time is always running out, and all she leaves us are memories of days long past. There's also one thing, just one thing, that allows you to see time passing, to know that time is – and that is Change.'

Good night. 



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