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The Big Fuck Syndrome April 27, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Ich habe heute fast eine Verkehrsunfall erlebt.

Yes, that's right. If you bothered to get it translated, that it.

So geht's:

There's a traffic junction when you come out from the PIE at the Jalan Jurong Kechil exit (actually, it says 'Clementi Road' or something like that. pah.) Either ways…

Ich bin bei Rot an die Kreuzung angehalten. Ich wollte nach rechts biegen und danach direkt nach Hause fahren. Als die Ampel wieder grün wurde, durften alle die, die bei dieser Kreuzung nach rechts biegen wollten nur ganz langsam fahren, da es normaleweise auch Autos gibt, die geradeaus fahren wollen. Also wurde die Ampel orange, und dann fing ich damit an, weiterzufahren. Plötzlich ist dieses Auto an die Kreuzung gerast, mich hupfend, obwohl die Ampel schon auf Rot stand. Als er die Kreuzung überquerte, hab ich ihm den Vogel zum Gegengruss gezeigt.

What a FUCKER. It seems that the Big Fuck Syndrome is spreading worldwide soon. Gleich wird's zu einer Pandemie. It's little wonder why there are road rage cases or racist, Fascist attacks on foreigners these days. It's partly because of intolerance, but it's also (surprise, surprise!) partly because of the Big Fuck Syndrome. I mean, that guy was quite young la i think, driving a red BMW. SO WHAT IF YOU HAVE A FUCKING BMW YOU FUCKING CHEEBYEKNNBCCB?! You don't know that whenever approaching a junction like this you should slow down, and if it's AMBER you should have bloody motherfucking STOPPED! If you know the traffic conditions there, there are always fucking long queues waiting to turn right. Knowing the blind-spots, and you still want to chiong the red light?

Who are you to horn at me, dip-shit? You're already damn lucky i stepped on it and got out of your way. Maybe i'm damn lucky that i had the common sense to get out of your way rather than be stunned and wait for your nice BMW to ram me into roadkill/smithereens/a very angry maggot-consumed man, as melvyn puts it.

Yes! It's everywhere! More and more people are imagining that they are Homo Sapiens Ultra Fuckus. Big fucks, huh? Let me tell you where you can shove that. Go on! Go and read samantha's blog…she has another Big Fuck incident to report…all the way from Dresden…If you want to know why sometimes we just feel that people from the PRC really turn us into xenophobic, facsist bastards who think that they are uneducated, and all, go and read her blog! If i were the driver, i'd have sped up. He'd get out of the way anyway.

Damn if i want to drive in Germany and i get bothered by PRCs, i'll have to have a baseball bat and a large inventory of swear-words. In Chinese/Cantonese/Hokkien/German/English/any language i know.

It's not to say that i haven't been acting very Small Fuck lately. I think the MOE is thinking right now, 'what kind of mofo is this scholar? Language scholarship but asking for Philosophie as 1st major and DaF as the 2nd.' Well, i do feel that i can contribute better with this combi. I will be able to teach a lot more. And yes, it's a double major. Which means that they are equal in weight. Does the Magisterarbeit really count?

The application windows open soon but i'm still sitting here waiting. Goddamn it.



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