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Einer der Letzten, der um Dich weint April 23, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I was reading The Sunday Times today when they featured this girl, joan, who is suffering from terminal stage cancer. She was from RGS, then went on to RJC, and then further on to a course in NUS, when she was forced to back out caz of her sickness. Currently, she responds no longer to chemotherapy, and in her own words, she is prepared for the worst. It's come to a point when the cancer is now very invasive, causing her spinal cord to come loose; she can barely hold her head up now. The morphine doesn't work anymore. It's only deadening the pain.

But, this episode has brought out the best in many, and also brought others into question. Why did RGS rally behind her but not RJC? A big point of contention. But that's not the focus here. The focus here is on the light she brought, even in her times of darkness. RGS raised 130 grand for her treatment. And even now, perhaps, she fights for her life. Her close friends have appealed for members of the public and acquaintances not to visit her, because she does make the effort to entertain everyone, even if she tires easily. I guess it's when you know that you really have to Leb' den Tag that you will go the extra mile every time, every day – do you know if today will be your last?


A song leaves my lips only so
that you will hear and receive its melody;
through the darkest of nights and the worst of nightmares
to banish your fears with music and light…

dieses Lied ist nur für Dich, schön, wenn es Dir gefällt
denn es kam so
über mich wie die Nacht über die Welt.
Schnellt Gefahr aus der Dunkelheit, bin ich zum ersten Schlag bereit
ich bin der Erste, der Dich befreit, und einer der Letzten, der um Dich weint…

und wenn ein Lied meine Lippen verlässt, dann nur damit Du Liebe empfängst
durch die Nacht und das dichteste Ge
äst, damit du keine Ängste mehr kennst…

in unserer Sanduhr fällt das letzte Korn;
ich hab gewonnen und hab ebenso verloren
jedoch missen m
öcht ich nichts – alles bleibt unser gedanklicher Besitz
und eine bleibende Erinnerung, zwischen Tag und Nacht legt sich die Dämmerung…

It will be a pity when the Lady who no one else can see comes to visit her one day, whispering gently in her ear that it's time to say goodbye. Even so, i doubt she will go with tears in her eyes. But there's a whole lot of living to be done in between, and she's a fighter. So be it. Although she doesn't know me, and i am probably just another unimportant bystander who happened to read The Sunday Times on 23rd April, 2005, and although i'm not a Catholic, here's something i want to say:

You're fighting for your life, girl, where many would've given up. I don't know if i could find the strength to do so, if i could put myself in your shoes and see the world through your eyes. Your will, vitality and fire is something which will probably be immortalised in your closest friends and your family, just as they will probably touch many hearts and minds. What more can i say? I'm sure some things are best left unsaid, for you probably know the truth much better than myself. All i can say is…volle Kraft voraus zu den Tagen die Dich heilen…whenever that may be, but i know that you will fight each and every step there. Good luck.



1. jiNg - April 23, 2006

hey, shufang(joan) is my rgs NCC junior… i’ve visited her recently… she is really brave and still trying to be cheerful now. she has her close friends (my other ncc juniors) and her very supportive mum rallying around her… i am as well touched by her fighting spirit and will to live on, as well as what her mum told me as i gave her a hug as i was leaving her place… “you must take good care of yourself, as you are also your mother’s precious daughter” it is really very sad. =S all i can say is that i hope everyone will cherish those around them… as you said, you never know if today is your last day…

2. The Truth - April 23, 2006

Her legacy will live on…that’s for sure…she will go on to touch many hearts and lives yet. I just wish that one day she will truly be able to fly. The next time you see her, give her my regards…

Either way, here’s a shoutout (apart from the words i said in my entry): Hey you. Keep the faith.

3. jj - April 23, 2006

i have friends from RGS who shared the same sentiments. according to her… she was glad she din end up in RJC and that Hodge isnt doing much…

4. The Truth - April 24, 2006

Oh well. It’s sad that some parties are helping, and some aren’t. Maybe JCs aren’t as personal as we imagined them to be.

5. Chun Wee - April 28, 2006

Why didn’t RJC rally behind her? You have to ask yourself how many years she spent in RGS and how many she spent in RJC. Quite frankly, the bonds that we develop in secondary school can oftentimes be closer. RJC was basically a conglomeration of individuals from so many different worlds coming together for a mere two years, and (for most people), much of it spent studying at that. I am guessing that she has always been closer to her RGS schoolmates, and you can’t exactly fault RJC for that.

6. The Truth - April 28, 2006

now now, i didn’t FAULT RJC. I just mentioned that it’s a point of contention. If i wanted to fault someone, i’d be spouting venom already. See the entry on that fucker who almost crashed my car.

7. guojun - April 30, 2006

and coming to think about it, so what if each JC is a conglomeration of individuals from many worlds? You’ll see that there’s a particular world which predominates…i’m sure YOU of all people understand.

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