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Wahre Schadenfreude April 21, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.


What was your first response to this post?

If you laughed, then perhaps you are normal. No, you're not psychotic, and you're not sadistic. Hopefully not. This must look to you like some retard trying to cycle with one hand, with the other holding an umbrella. And yes, it's fucking funny that he fell down, even if it probably did bring him a world of hurt…I mean, how would you feel if your face went splat?

Anyway, this is an introduction to Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude (ger.) happiness at the loss/suffering of others.

There's a German saying which goes by the likes of 'Schadenfreude ist die beste Freude, denn sie kommt vom vollen Herzen.' – Schadenfreude is the best happiness because it comes straight from the heart. Actually, that's very true, if you think about it. Schadenfreude is more or less like a base emotion…because it comes so suddenly when you hear about what's happened to your neighbour/friend/enemy/competition/et cetera and you think, 'Wow. That fucker really deserved it.' Or you laugh about it, thinking about how stupid he/she must've been.

And there's always that little voice within you that goes 'Thank God it wasn't me.' Yes, that, my friends, is some wahre Schadenfreude for you.

If your first thought was 'ouch…HAHAHAHAH…' then you're normal, but you're a nice person.

If your second thought was 'OMG the photographer must be a dawg to take such pictures,' fuck off, hypocrite or Mister Politically Correct. Political correctness isn't something i'm very tolerant of here. JEEZ.



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