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durcheinandere Gedanken. April 16, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Ganz, ganz durcheinander. Und nicht wegen des Alkohols! Ok, ich gebe zu, vielleicht

Ok, i'll try (read: TRY) to organise them.

Neil Gaiman is a genius. A fucking genius.
Go watch Mirrormask! You won't regret it. It's beyond 'good shit.'
Speaking of 'good shit,' i made up a really sick comparison yesterday.
Godiva chocolates, for one, are good shit. Bleargh.
Anyway, yes. Mirrormask!
It's very Neil Gaiman-ish. If you haven't read The Sandman, then be prepared.
It's not what you expect.
It's not some arty-farty stuff. It's GOOD SHIT! 100% yosh! stuff.
Too bad, kelvin, you missed out.
Really, we couldn't watch Russian Dolls!
Partly caz i couldn't get up in time. Blabla.

Philip! Hat's Spass gemacht?
Vielleicht waren dir die Beine einfach zu müde.
Egal, du musst mir zu diesem Club in Köln bringen!
Schade, dass ich mir heute keine Frauen angeschafft habe.
Aber lassen wir das.
Sag Bescheid bevor du abfliegst!

Thanks, TA, for the clubbing outing.
Not bad, retro, not bad indeed!
I donno why i like this muzak.
But no chais! Next time must bring our own.

And now, im Allgemein:

Ich werde dir nie verraten. Darauf kannste sicher sein.
Er ist wiederauferstanden! (ger. reborn, resurrected, etc.)
Eine Menage à trois, meinste? Haha.
Philip ist Poolmeister!
Derek, you aren't really that old. You're only fucking 25.
Where are the chais?
Sorry, munchie, but i can't go for your bash. Another time?
Kelvin, stop playing with fire.
No mojo tonight.
Maybe tomorrow there'll be more WARNING: HEAVY READING AHEAD.
Hell yeah!
Marlboro Menthol Lights suck, yo. Don't waste your money already. Go Dunhill.
Maybe i should have never introduced kelvin to Lucifer.
There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio (when i am referring to zente…)
It's been raining so much these days. Sigh.
I like the way it purifies the world. But not the way it makes me soaking wet.
Cool to talk about Politik auf Deutsch in einem Bar, weil niemand uns versteht.



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