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The MapleStory Polemic April 14, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

It seems that lately, there’s this retard who got himself on The New Paper by this polemic:

polemic : Greek polemikos (πολεµικως). Warlike, argumentative, normally insulting commentary, intended to incite disputation.

It seems that this retarded fool who goes by the avatar of Redpony (or something like that) who has deemed fit to openly defame all poly students, branding them as ‘people who are too free, and who are not as smart or results-oriented as us JC students.‘ All because he got KS-ed in MapleStory.

Man. Well, i don’t normally have a problem with it, but this i do have a problem with. You see, this not just elicited a response from some very pissed off poly people, but also brought down all JC students with him. In other words…I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU WERE THINKING, ASSHOLE?!?!?!?!?!?! I think you have more of that brown stuff called shit in your skull than grey matter. I really don’t understand what you, you retard, were thinking. Did you think that JC people are really better? WRONG. In fact, you have just proven yourself to be EXACTLY what you branded those poly people. Stupid. Childish. Having too much time on your hands.

And if you think that you are ready to take this fucking atas position and preach to us by using complex English to show off your command of the language, to show off that you are JC calibre and those poly dudes aren’t, then…fuck you, very much. If you want to write in such a style, you should save it for GP. And well, i doubt a very high-and-mighty writing style will get you very high scores anyway, because you’re supposed to write intellectually, analytically and argumentatively, not write like you’re the King of England.

And it’s pitifully clear why you are doing this. If you want your space on TNP, you have it. I hope you’re happy now. Thank you very much for painting us JC students as high-nosed twits who don’t know anything, and who only had the following:

1. 6 points for our precious ‘O’ Levels (which anyone can pull off these days)
2. Parents who were weaned on the mindset of ‘JC can make it, poly cannot.’
3. Being victimised by the system.
4. Having elitist friends who only wanted to go to a JC
5. A lack of passion for chasing one’s own dreams.

Unfortunately, JC students AND poly students are much, much more than what you just described, and i wouldn’t be surprised if you were set upon by a group of banglas/thugs/JC/poly students wielding iron bars and penknives one evening when you were walking home. And in the meantime, you can expect to get KS-ed by almost everyone in Maple…you should just delete your character HAHAHA caz i’ll bet there’s a witch-hunt being organised right now just for you.

And i’ll bet someone is organising the Beat-The-Bastard fund (an idea by derek while we were soldiers: there’d be contributions every month and the highest bidder gets to pick Mister Unlucky. The jackpot will be subsequently given to a pack of banglas to beat Mister Unlucky up or give him a night he won’t forget, anyway.) Coming back to my point, anyway, if you die, i’ll weep and lay flowers do a victory dance and piss on your grave.



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