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Seelenheilkunde April 10, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

What an unusual topic. Normally Heilkunde (ger. Art of healing) is used either on its own (by which it normally means the study of medicine) or as Zahnheilkunde (dentistry.) But today's topic is about the healing of the soul. I was supposed to be writing about the origin of the sciences, aber dies ist dazwischengekommen…so…without further ado,

Let me tell all of you a story.

Once upon a time (okay so maybe it was more like 1 year ago or so) there was this guy. Let's call him K. Of course, there must be a damsel in distress also, so let's name her S. There was a rift torn between them, from my perspective, because K. hurt S. S. hurt K. back. It all started due to a summer romance in the Emerald Isles, when K. began to feel a need to protect S. So the seeds of the wind were sown. Little did anyone know the magnitude of the whirlwind they reaped. When it was time to say goodbye, K. felt a sense of loss and attempted to escape it all.

How? By building distance. By agreeing on a pact. By enjoying the silence. And for awhile, things really did seem to take on some semblance of normalcy. Alas, it was not to be. With both sides suffering in silence, things came to a head early this year. So another agreement was reached, an agreement which could be broken by the slightest initiative, by the gentlest of words. But again, it was a compact riddled with heartbreak, pain, and sadly, inaction.

Both parties left the choice to each other, without having given consideration that they could have made the first move. They cloaked their words in silence, living on sweet memories of days long past. They believed that anything one party did would indirectly or directly open the floodgates for more hurt and pain. And so nothing was done. S. blocked K. from her MSN. If only she could see how upset he was feeling about that, when he finally felt that he had to talk to her.

Yours truly, playing the role of mediator, talked her into unblocking him, thus letting them have a meaningful conversation. I don't know whether to come to regret this or not.

Because they have decided to bring things to a close. Finding closure, he said. They have come to the consensus that rather than further desecrate a beautiful story, it would be time for the fat lady to sing. It's over. C'est finit. Finito! Aus!

If this helps you to heal, then please go ahead. Just ask yourself this question, once again: Will you come to rue the day when you see her on the streets, and she doesn't recognise you? The day when you can still smell her sweetness, see the sparkle in her eyes, her smile and the colour of her hair, but then you look again and that's not her. Not anymore.

And for you, will you be able to shut him out of your life completely? Is time the best cure? Time and space is a cure, but only if there's support for the wounds to heal. Forgive him, but most importantly, forgive yourself. If not being able to let go is the original reason why you agreed to let it all go, then maybe you really need the break. But will you be in time to piece back all the shattered silvers of glass on the floor, before they fade away into nothingness?

um zu trösten sagen Freunde, mit der Zeit vergisst man
man vergisst die Stimme, das Lachen, die genaue Farbe der Haare und Augendoch genau das will man nicht; nichts will man vergessen
kein Wort, kein Blick, nicht die beiläufigste Geste
denn das Wichstigste passiert immer nebenbei…

That's your song. But i'm not going to say that you will forget as time passes. Good luck. I really hope that in all of this, you two find the strength to heal, forgive and carry on. Deliverance comes at a price, and you do not fathom it; nor have i, i would say. I don't assume that i've seen enough of the world to. If you feel that this seperation will allow you to come out of it pure and happy again, then that's all well and good. I just hope you won't come to regret your choices, because to regret and to start it all again would be so, so destructive.

It's like the re-opening of an old wound. 'Nuff Said. 



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